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How much does a Malinois cost?

The cost of Malinois is related to many factors. A healthy Malinois costs as much as $2500. You should expect that for the cost of this Malinois, the breeder will cover vaccination, microchips and health checks. And this is an expensive puppy, and most breeders will ask for a deposit of about $500. If you’re just looking for a pet, focus on investing in a reputable breed rather than buying a display quality puppy. How much can you expect to the cost on a Malinois?


How much does a Malinois cost?

A Malinois has a certificate, but it doesn’t have the right to breed, and it doesn’t show quality: the average cost is $1067.50. With good pedigree, breeding rights or display quality, the average cost of a Malinois can range from $3400 to $9000. Generally speaking, an adult Malinois costs between $45000 and $65000. The cost of this Malinois may sound like a lot, but your dog has been trained to do more than just take. A trained personal protective dog will immediately respond to orders, protect you even if you are injured, and know how to suppress intruders until authorities arrive at the scene. These dogs are very loyal and will stand by you at all costs to protect you – it’s their job. The cost of your Belgian Malinois will depend largely on your pedigree and training. The better the trainer, the higher the cost. Although you may be tempted to buy a backyard breeding Belgian Malinois, we strongly recommend against it.

Beware of low-cost Malinois

The lower cost of Malinois means only one thing – the lower quality of dog protection. If you buy this animal as your or your family’s defense against attackers, make sure the dog you buy is healthy and well trained. Backyard breeders often lack the skills and understanding to train these animals, and over-breed them, leading to serious health problems in the late-life of dogs.

Average price cost of Malinois

Here is the average price. The cost of protecting a dog can be high, but it’s up to you in the end. Using the following figures, we can see that the annual cost of owning a Malinois is about $750 at the low end, and may be as high as $2000 at the high end.

Cost of Malinois dog food

According to CostHelper.com, An average Malinois spends about $200 to $400 a year on dog food. Canned or raw food costs as much as $1000 a year.

Malinois veterinary cost

The cost of a healthy baby’s veterinarian adds up to about $235 a year. This includes initial testing and any vaccination. Some vaccines need to be vaccinated once a year, while others, such as rabies vaccine, can be vaccinated every three years.

Malinois’ license cost

The Malinois license in your city depends on where you live, but it’s usually not expensive. Most places charge about $15 a year.

The cost of Malinois’ Insurance

Health insurance for healthy dogs is about $200 a year. Many pet owners invest in this insurance, because in the event of an accident or illness, the insurance will take effect and the overall cost will be greatly reduced.

Miscellaneous costs of Malinois


Miscellaneous expenses, such as dog grooming, toys, treatment, etc., vary greatly depending on the owner’s budget. Most people spend $100 a year on these things. However, grooming may be more expensive for dogs that often lose their hair or need to be comfortable in the summer. These figures include basic expenses such as supplies, training, medical expenses, food, treatment, beauty expenses, licenses, microchips, etc. In addition, optional fees such as insurance or dog walking services are not included. If you’ve sterilized your dog, enrolled in a pet insurance program, used a week’s boarding facility every year, and need 50 weeks of dog walkers in a year, the total cost of owning a dog could rise to $76845 to $161635. The high end of the price range is suitable for better quality products and services, especially if you live in an expensive area, while the low end of the price range means the price in a cheaper area. Next, we delve into these different costs, offer professional advice from dog trainers, veterinarians, certified beauticians and dog walkers, and share tips to save you and improve your Malinois. At the bottom, you can also find a cost calculator that allows you to apply your unique situation and requirements to generate a more accurate and personalized cost estimate, own and improve Malinois. Buy a Malinois.

Other factors affecting the cost of Malinois

Dogs of European origin, especially Dutch or Belgian, are usually more expensive than dogs of American origin. The Netherlands, in particular, is an incredible source of Malinois, and dogs imported from the Netherlands are usually quite expensive. Dogs that are highly trained at an early age also bring high prices. Generally speaking, male Malinois are not more expensive than female Malinois, but male dogs are sometimes more popular because they tend to be larger. Believe it or not, a dog with the best pedigree and highly professional training can cost 100000 dollars.