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How much does a Gordon setter weigh?

Gordon Setter is a good, strong, black and Tan dog, muscular, full of bones, but lively, upright, fashionable, seems to be able to complete a day’s work in the wild. The Gordon Setter has a strong, fairly short back, good ribs, and a short tail. The head of the Gordon Setter is rather heavy and well-chiseled. There was no sign of intelligence, modesty, or malice in his manner. Clear colors and a straight or slightly wavy coat are correct.


Size of the Gordon Setter:

Shoulder heights range from 24 to 27 inches for male Gordon setters and 23 to 26 inches for female Gordon setters. Male Gordon setters weigh 55-80 pounds and female Gordon setters weigh 45-70 pounds. If the weight of the animal exceeds or falls below the prescribed limit, it should be judged according to its shape and condition. Very thin or obese dogs are not encouraged on the basis of underweight or overweight hindering the real ability to work in Gordon set. The weight to height ratio makes him heavier than other setters. The distance from the front chest to the back of the thigh is approximately equal to the height from the ground to the shoulder of the horse. The Gordon setter has a lot of bone material

The standard head of a Gordon setter:

The head is deep rather than wide and has enough brain space. Eyes of moderate size, neither too dark nor too prominent, dark brown, bright and wise. The shape is an ellipse, not a circle. The lid is tight. The ears are low on the head, roughly in line with the eyes, fairly large and thin, well folded, close to the head. The skull is round, moderate in size, and widest between the ears. It’s thin under and above the eyes, and the cheeks are as narrow as possible. The head should have a clear stop sign. Muzzle rather long, not pointed, viewed from above or from the side. The wings do not droop. The length of the muzzle is the same as the length of the skull from the occipital bone to the insertion point, and the top of the muzzle is parallel to the skull extension line. The nose is wide, the nostrils are open, and the color is black. The lip line from the nose to the alar of the nose shows a sharp, well-defined, square outline. The teeth are hard and white, meeting in front of the scissors bite, the upper teeth slightly forward, and the lower incisors. It’s not wrong to bite peacefully.

The neck of the Gordon Setter:

Gordon Setter has a long neck, thin, arched to the head, and no throat. The topline is moderately inclined. The body is short from shoulder to hip. Chest deep, front not too wide; ribs well spread, leaving enough vital capacity. The chest extends to the elbow. The obvious chest. The waist is short and wide, not arched. The hips are almost flat with only a slight slope to the end. The tail is short, can’t extend below the hock, horizontal or close to horizontal, can’t lean on, the root is thick, the end is thin. The position of the tail is important for the correct carriage. When the angle of the tail bends too fast at the first tailbone, the tail is lifted too fast or droops. The position of the tail is determined by the structure of the buttocks.

The forequarters of the Gordon Setter:

The shoulders are good at all points and lean back. The top of the shoulder blades is very tight. From the back, the lines of the neck and shoulder are smooth and flat and gradually widen from neck to shoulder. When standing at an angle of about 90 degrees to the ground, the dog’s upper arm is perpendicular to the shoulder. The front leg is big bone, straight but not bent, the elbow is free, no varus or eversion. The Gordon Setter is strong, short, almost vertical, with slight springs. Wolf claws may be removed. Cat shaped feet are made up of tight, arched toes with a lot of hair between the toes; the pads are full and the heels have deep pads. Feet do not turn inward or outward.


Hindquarters of the Gordon Setter:

The hind legs from hip to hock are long, flat, and muscular; from hock to heel, they are short and powerful. The knee joint and hock joint were well bent without turning inward or outward. When the dog is standing, its hind legs are perpendicular to the ground, and its thigh bone is hanging down, parallel to an imaginary line drawn up by the hock. The feet are the same as the front.

The coat of a Gordon Setter:

Gordon setters are soft and shiny, straight or slightly wavy, but not curly, with long hair on ears, abdomen, and chest, back of forelegs and hind legs, and tail. The feathers from the base of the tail are slightly wavy or straight, triangular in shape, and uniformly shortened towards the tail.