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How much do Italian greyhounds cost?

Italian Greyhound is a cute puppy who can do well in various family situations. How much do Italian greyhounds cost? They are readily available from breeders across the United States, but how much can you count on for your new Italian Greyhound?

How much is Italian Greyhound?

The price of a pet dog ranges from $1400 to $2000. Dogs with performance potential may be much more expensive, or they can only be shared with their owners. The influence of your dog’s pedigree and price includes many variables.


Many aspects may affect the Italian Greyhound’s cost

If you want to find a potential pet dog, its cost may be much higher than the average pet dog. Sometimes the color and gender of Italian Greyhound have an impact on the cost, but not always. Here are some things you can expect to affect the cost of your Italian Greyhound.

(1). The performance quality of Italian Greyhound

The goal of responsible breeders is to be a dog that stands out in the show. This is the best way to produce dogs as close to breed standards as possible.
When a litter of puppies is born and begins to grow, the breeder looks for signs that they will become a model of excellence in their breed. Dogs that breeders believe will perform well at dog shows may be much more expensive, or even not for sale. Sometimes you can own part of a show dog. Italian Greyhound will live with you and you will take care of it, but the breeder has some right to decide, especially about sterilization or sterilization. The breeder also reserves the right to breed the dog and take it to the show if reasonable. These contracts are complex, but they can be a great way to get an absolutely amazing Italian Greyhound at little or no cost. Dogs sold as pets are not likely to perform well on the show floor. That doesn’t mean they’re not beautiful dogs. For ordinary people, pet dogs and performance dogs are indistinguishable. Pet dogs are still very well bred and good examples of their breed. Defects like a little too long nose or a little too wide chest have little effect on the dog’s ability to become a perfect family pet. The breeder will probably ask you to sign a clause in the contract.

(2). The origin of Italian Greyhound

If you’re interested in an Italian Greyhound whose parents or grandparents are champions, be prepared to pay a higher price. Dogs that perform well on the show will produce more expensive puppies.


(3). Health license for Italian Greyhound

Italian Greyhound has several genetic problems that should be screened by responsible breeders. Italian Greyhound should be tested for hip, knee, thyroid and eye diseases that may occur in the breed. The worse the dog’s health, the more likely you are to pay for it. This is because it’s a price for the breeder to get rid of a dog’s health problems. Not all of these genetic conditions can be screened out in puppies. In many cases, you can ask the breeder to prove that the disease did not occur to the parents. Italian Greyhound who comes from a long-term dog who does not suffer from the following conditions will cost shorter than the dog who has a healthy pedigree. Breeders may be happy to prove that their dog has been cleared of one or more genetic problems for many generations.

(4). The buttocks of Italian Greyhound

Hip dysplasia is a disabling disease that can cause pain, immobility and arthritis in Italian Greyhound. Sometimes it can be repaired by operation, but the operation is expensive and the recovery process is difficult. Your breeder should be able to provide you with written documentation from the animal orthopedic foundation or the university veterinary hospital that the parent’s hip is not stunted.

(5). Italian Greyhound’s knee

Italian Greyhound┬áknee problems, such as patellar dislocation, may have a very negative impact on your Italian Greyhound’s life, just like hip problems, such as hip dysplasia. Occasionally, patellar dislocation can be repaired by surgery or lifestyle changes. You know your Greyhound parents don’t have knee problems.