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How many years can a mini poodle live?

The poodle is a common pet dog in our daily life, especially with the improvement of people’s living standards, and the economic conditions become better and better, people are living more and more affluent. With the continuous development of medical level, science and technology, and economy, the average life span of the poodle is also constantly extended, and the life span of the poodle is the same. Do many people want to know how long the life span of a poodle is? Parents must know that the life span of a dog can’t be compared with that of a human because a dog’s life span is equivalent to seven years of a human. If you want to let the dog accompany you for a long time, then you must take care of it carefully. Today we will take a specific look at the life span of the mini poodle.

1. Average life span of mini poodle:

The life span of a poodle is usually 14.8 years old. In other words, dogs can accompany themselves for a long time. And now the dog’s food is also very nutritious, so the dog’s survival time is relatively long.

2. How to prolong the life span of a poodle?

Nowadays, with the development of the economy and technology, the life span of human beings is constantly extended, not to mention the life span of dogs? Parents in the daily maintenance, to eat some imported dog food, give it more vegetables and vitamins, the dog’s body is healthy, the survival time will be longer.

3. Pay attention to the old age of poodle

According to the normal age of 7 years old. It takes one to two years for a dog to become an adult. And at this time, it’s seven and fourteen years old. When the dog grows to seven or eight years old, in fact, it has entered the age of old age. At this time, parents must take special care of it.
First of all, the dog’s teeth will wear very badly, you will find that the dog’s teeth have yellow phenomenon, so the dog’s fur will become very loose, rough; the color of the hair will become very dim, no luster.
At this time, parents must choose some elderly dog food, to eat for dogs, of course, there are some elderly calcium products can also give it to eat, so that the dog can also extend life.
Usually, a poodle can live between 13 and 16 years old. If you take good care of it, it is not impossible to even exceed this range. When they’re 8 years old, they’ll be considered as old dogs. As their physical functions decline, some aging symptoms will become more and more obvious. For example, tooth wear is severe, gastrointestinal function is weakened, nutrition can not be fully absorbed and osteoporosis, and so on.

But in any case, even if the poodle’s physical function is not as good as before in old age, if parents can take care of it in a scientific way, it is possible to extend the life span of the poodle. For example, to develop a good living habit for a poodle. Usually, disinfect the room, clean the poodle regularly, match the diet reasonably, take the poodle out for exercise, etc. These are very healthy and positive lifestyles.
We should know that in addition to ensuring the health of the poodle, it is also necessary for parents to bathe and maintain the poodle regularly. For example, combing the poodle’s hair every day is to prevent the hair from tying when it is not combed for a long time. In addition, combing the hair can also be used to massage the poodle’s skin, promote its skin blood circulation, and reduce the probability of suffering from skin diseases.