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How many types of fever does the dog have?

The problem of fever in dogs is not as simple as we have seen, there are many types of fever, the time and frequency of fever in dogs, indicating the problem is also different. Some dogs have persistent fevers, while others have intermittent fevers. The cause of the problem varies and can be handled differently. The cause of fever varies from dog to dog.


1. What is a fever?

It is because of the action of heat source stimulator, make the function of the thermoregulatory center produce disorder. The balance between heat production and heat dissipation is disturbed, heat production increases and heat dissipation decreases, resulting in a rise in body temperature and systemic symptoms.

2. In addition to the fever, other symptoms include:

There are other symptoms besides rising body temperature when you have a fever. Mild fever, as a result of increased phagocytosis, antibody formation, leukocyte enzyme activity, and liver detoxification function, which has a good effect on the body. However, abnormally high heat, or persistent mild heat, is bound to cause harm to the body’s various organ systems.

3. Types of fever:

(1) Mild fever: The body temperature rises 0.5-1 °C above the normal body temperature. This condition is commonly seen in local inflammation as well as general digestive disorders.

(2) Moderate heat: temperature rise of 1-2 °C, this condition is common in the general inflammatory process, sub-acute and chronic infectious diseases, such as gastroenteritis, lobular pneumonia, and so on.

(3) High Fever: A temperature rise of 2-3 °C. This condition is common in acute infectious diseases and generalized inflammation such as Distemper, lobar pneumonia, septicemia, and so on.

(4) Hyperpyrexia: temperature rises above three degrees, which is common in severe acute infectious diseases such as sepsis.


4. What should we do if the dog has a fever?

If the dog not only has a fever but also has a cough, runny nose or diarrhea, diarrhea, and other related symptoms, the owner had better send the dog to the hospital for a detailed examination. After all, these symptoms are the early symptoms of infectious diseases, in order to rule out, but also in order to find the problem earlier, as soon as possible is the most appropriate. If the dog just has a fever, many owners may not want to send the dog to the hospital. Then the owner can give the dog to feed a little animal with fever medicine to achieve the effect of fever. Owners should try not to give the dog any drugs, as this can have a big impact on the kidney. We can use cotton dipped in alcohol and then spread it on the soles of the dog’s feet, ears, and other parts to help the dog better heat dissipation. We use alcohol to wipe down the dog as a means of relief, but if the dog has a serious problem we should take the dog to the doctor.