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How Many Meals Should a dog Eat a Day?

People eat three meals a day, so it is more reasonable for dogs to eat several times a day. Many friends are asking this question. They are afraid of not having enough nutrition if they eat less, and they are afraid of being fat if they eat too much. However, it is really hard to bear to look at his starving appearance.


1. New puppy feeding rules

When a puppy is born, you don’t have to worry at all. Its mother will take good care of it. Usually, around 2 months, some bitches’ milk can’t keep up with the puppy’s appetite, at this time, the dog teeth sprout, just like human children, weaning when it is easy to bite the mother’s nipple, to give you the advice is that you can take some dog food, in 90 degrees of milk powder soaked, soaked in soft to give puppies to feed, try to use milk powder and so on, do not consider fresh milk, those fats are too high, drink easy to have loose bowels. With the mother feeding the dog, as usual, feeding the dog three times a day is fine. As the mother’s milk becomes scarcer and scarcer, you can increase it appropriately by, say, four regular meals a day. On average, it’s about six hours a day, what do you want to do at night? Am I supposed to set my alarm? Actually, no. Dogs Bark when they’re hungry. You can’t even sleep.

2. Feeding methods for dogs between three and six months of age

At this stage, it is still mainly three meals a day, feeding intervals should be well controlled, regular meals are very good for the dog’s body, when it is eating, you also don’t idle, to prepare toilet tools for it, if the dog’s excrement is a bit soft, but the basic shape, from its face, can not find food particles, that is well-fed signs of health. If it is very soft, soft to the point of shapeless, you have to pay attention, it is likely to be over-feeding, eat indigestible, at this moment, even if its expression is very worthy of love, but also to refrain from giving it to eat. If your dog is doing well, consider giving him two meals a day when he is 6 months old.


3. Adult Dog Feeding

Some people say that two meals a day are enough for an adult dog, but others think that one meal is enough. In my personal experience, I support the former view. Two meals a day is a good choice. Besides, it’s one thing to ask for a snack, even if you don’t feed it a regular meal? Moreover, when a dog is starving, its blood sugar content is very low, and after eating, it suddenly increases. This is very bad for its health. Moreover, the hungrier it is, the better its appetite is. He swallows the food whole and before it has been fully chewed, it enters his stomach, over time, indigestion sets in. So we feed adult dogs, don’t bother, two meals a day is more scientific.