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How many colors are pomeranians?

What do you know about Pomeranian? Because of its small size, the Pomeranian is popular with many people, and many people want to keep one. Pomeranians are mostly white, so most people think of Pomeranians as white. In fact, the pomeranian has other colors. So, how many colors does the Pomeranian come in? Let’s take a look at it together.


White Pomeranian:

A white Pomeranian should be pure white and should not have any other color, especially yellow spots, which often grow around the ears.

Black Pomeranian:

Black Pomeranian coat color is pure black, the upper layer must be bright black, with no white or any other color spots.

Brown Pomeranian:

Brown Pomeranian coat color should be dark brown.

Orange Pomeranian:

An Orange Pomeranian should have a uniform orange color in the middle range.

Other Colors Pomeranian:

Other colors include cream, gray, black with Tan, and variegated (usually white mating), but black, Brown, Gray, or orange spots must be distributed throughout the body.

To get a Pomeranian, we should pay attention to the pomeranian’s health, the Pomeranian diet, and the Pomeranian dog food. First of all, we need to check on Bomei’s health regularly. Healthy Pomeranian is active, responsive, emotionally stable, and willing to play with others. If the reaction is slow, or even ignore it, or too sensitive to things around, showing panic, or hostile to people, some arrogance and crazy, that mental state is not good. A healthy Pomeranian has bright eyes and no tears. A healthy Pomeranian’s moist nose, if dry, indicates that the dog may have a strong infectious disease.
When Pomeranian is born and weaned, we can start feeding her liquids. Canned meat can be heated and cooked to a crisp. Pomeranians grow fast. Calcium powder and other nutrients can be added to dinner but must be taken according to the doctor’s instructions and instructions. Let’s make Pomeranian eat only 70 percent of his body at a meal, and don’t overdo it. After eating and jumping, it’s easy to throw up. Pomeranian has been in a cage for years, and eating is a rare pastime, so they’re like a hungry ghost. Don’t let them fool you into thinking they’re really hungry. But always not enough to eat, the activity is not big, the dog excretes not good, maybe really sick. When changing foods in Pomeranian, don’t change them all at once. Mix Half of the new foods in half at a time, try them twice a day for three days, gradually add new weight, and then use the new ones a week later.


Pomeranians should prepare nutritious, fresh, and tasty food at the time of feeding. Many people are used to feeding them human foods that are salty or irritating and are not suitable for Pomeranians. In addition to human food, other pet cats, pet rat, pet rabbit feed is not good, the pet dog food on sale in the market is very diverse, but this professional dog food is really the healthiest and suitable for dogs. Professional dog food is developed to meet the nutritional needs of dogs growing in the Pomeranian. The nutrients needed for a dog’s body to grow are good for the dog’s health. Of course, in addition to professional dog food, we can also choose ingredients to make dog food. We can choose carrots with cornbread and delicious porridge. Cut The carrots first, then cook in cold water until the carrots are soft, then simmer for 2 to 5 minutes. Then we mix the cornmeal with cold water, turn up the heat, stir in the cornmeal, boil the water for 5 minutes, then turn off the heat and wait for the porridge to cool, so pomeranian can eat delicious and healthy food. In addition, we can also choose some beef, potatoes, fish soup, vegetables and so on for Pomeranian cooked delicious food. First, we can boil slices of the beef, boil and cut potatoes, and prepare fresh vegetables. Then we pour the fish soup into the pan and heat it up. When we cook fish soup, we can pour in other foods. It should be noted that when we cook, we should not put too much oil.