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How long is the Pomeranian hair changing period?

The reason why Pomeranian is lovely and it has a lot to do with the charming hair, and its small and exquisite body is also very pleasant, give a person a kind of lovely feeling. So do you know when Pomeranian started to change coat hair? Let’s study together today. In general, the male Pomeranian’s coat development cycle remains the same after 18 months. If you have a female Pomeranian, you’re out of luck. Hormonal changes can do serious damage to the Pomeranian’s coat. Pregnancy and childbirth cause the coat to fall off completely. It takes six months for a newly born Pomeranian mother to recover her natural coat. Pomeranian changes hair every spring and autumn, and then the hair will fly all over the house, and once you change it, it feels like it lasts a long time. Once a pomeranian changes hair, the next season starts again, so it can be said that Pomeranian families almost all year round need to pay attention to the dog’s hair clean.


When does the Pomeranian change its coat hair?

The body hair of a newborn Pomeranian is thin and short. Within a few months, the coat will grow rapidly. At 3 months of age, the Pomeranian begins to Molt. At this time many owners habit their Pomeranian dog called “Ugly Duckling. ”. In fact, it is true, the original, not good-looking hair gradually shed, the fur becomes sparse, tousled, lusterless, it does not look very beautiful.

In addition to a long period of molting (from 3 months to 6-8 months) during the puppy years, Pomeranian dogs change their fur each spring and fall to adapt to climate change, pomeranian also has molted. As a general rule, adult Pomeranians have the best hair texture. The Pomeranian’s hair quality peaks around the age of 3. The hair is fluffy, soft, glossy, and elastic. Pomeranian, of course, looked much prettier.

When they are five or six months old, they change from a juvenile to a juvenile molting stage, called the juvenile clown stage, and this condition quickly improves by nine to 10 months.

The puppy changes hair every 5 to 7 months, the bitch changes hair after giving birth, and the adult dog changes hair every autumn.


There are three ways for us to take care of Pomeranian’s coat hair:

1. We should always brush Pomeranian.

2. We need regular calcium supplements for the Pomeranian, and regular exposure to the sun in Pomeranian.

3. We should often to Pomeranian to add nutrition, every quarter we supplement dog hair special nutrition, because of the economic conditions of each product choice.