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How long does an Old English sheepdog live?

If you own or want to own an old English shepherd dog, it is important to know the life span of the English shepherd dog when taking care of them. How long can the Old English shepherd live? It’s a tough problem, and many pet owners will ask themselves. We all know that these old English shepherds can’t be with us forever, so we have to understand the dangers of old age and their life expectancy of Old English shepherds. There are several factors that determine the life span of an ancient English shepherd, including the size, breed, and general health of your dog. These factors help to answer the questions of most English shepherd owners.


The life span of the Old English shepherd dog

The Old English shepherd dog usually lived 10-12 years. The Old English shepherd dog came from southwest England in the early 19th century. About two or three hundred years ago, shepherds in western England decided to create a tough, agile and intelligent breed of shepherd dog. This is how the Old English shepherd dog, also known as bobtail, was created. Like other flea groups, one of the basic conditions for breeding English shepherd dogs is to have a big dog, because they are not only used for grazing, but also for protecting animals. In the 18th century, cattle and sheep were brought to the market by these shepherds. In the UK, luxury taxes are imposed on Tana family dogs. The owners of ordinary guard dogs or shepherds cut off the tail of the dogs to prove their simple origin. This is the habit of herding dogs not paying taxes. The dog’s occupation is often represented by the incomplete tail. There are still many controversies about the exact origin of the ancient English shepherd dog. Some say they come not only from the Old English shepherd but also from the Russian Greyhound and the long-bearded shepherd. Others claim to be similar to Russian Shepherd Ovcharka. This is also possible because the salesmen on the merchant ship can easily carry the short tail sails to the island.


The purpose of raising the ancient English shepherd dog

Of course, with the change of the times, breeding requirements also change. Today, the main purpose of breeding old English shepherd dogs is to make them look more beautiful, more attractive and more elegant, which is why they prefer long, almost silky hair. This kind of ancient English shepherd dog appeared in the United States in the late 1880s. In Pittsburgh, a craftsman named W. Wade first owned this kind of ancient English shepherd dog. In the 20th century, this breed was owned by only five wealthy American families. In 1904, Henry Arthur Tilly founded the shepherd’s club in old England. Tilly and his brother William stiley played a pioneering role in the development of variety standards. Many of the dogs they breed can be found in the ancient pedigree of English shepherds. In 1885, the American Kennel Club recognized the ancient English shepherd dog. In the late 1950s, the dog was still popular with rich dogs. In the early 1960s, however, the breed became a symbol of family status. In the mid-1970s, 15000 dogs were registered each year; but that number later declined, as more and more people put forward additional costs and efforts to keep the dog’s wonderful but time-consuming ancient English shepherd dog.