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How long do the Great Pyrenees live?

The Great Pyrenees is the owner of the cutest dog. This breed, whose origins make them natural protectors, knows how to take care of the people they love. Are you own a Great Pyrenees? Do you want to adopt one? If you want to know how long they can live and how to extend their lives, you’ve come to the right place! Next, let’s see how long the Great Pyrenees can live.

The life expectancy of the Great Pyrenees

The Pyrenees is a strong breed. Although they belong to a large group of dogs, they do not live as long as their cousins. This applies to almost all larger varieties. According to an American breed study, the average life span of a Great Pyrenees Dog can reach 10-12 years. Their lifespan can be extended to one or two years only if they are properly cared for. So if you own or are considering adopting a Great Pyrenees, you need to take care of something important to take care of. Because these dogs are purebred, they are prone to genetic health problems such as hip and elbow dysplasia. Heart problems and cancer of bones or reproductive organs are also a major problem in the Great Pyrenees. They are also prone to vision and hearing problems. And because they have deep breasts, they are at a higher risk of abdominal distension, a gastrointestinal syndrome. That’s why we recommend that you first understand the origin and family of a dog before raising another. It will help you know what you need to take care of most while keeping your dog. In order to keep a healthy and strong Pyrenees, be sure to contact a good, proven breeder who can give you a written veterinary examination, health issues, and all the information about your dog.


How can I make the Great Pyrenees live longer?

The Pyrenees, unlike their tough and crude behavior, will require your care, affection, and sensitivity. There are many factors that affect the life span of the Pyrenees. Their general health and physical condition include. Although this is a vigilant and protected variety, they are moderately active. That doesn’t mean they don’t need any exercise. A regular game and exercise is essential to keep your dog’s energy flowing. Even a short walk or a quick run every day is enough to keep them healthy. In addition, due to their mountain heritage, they are a very good hiking partner.
In the early days, frequent socialization was essential to prevent them from being jealous or afraid of anything new or different. It helps to reduce stress. The most important factor that you want to keep your Mt. Pyrenees healthy and ultimately prolong their lives is how happy you are to make them. Treat them as a family member, bathe them with love, and they will keep healthy!
Every Great Pyrenees is looking for a home to understand them. They need someone they can trust and feel safe with. As a watchdog, the Great Pyrenees need someone to protect them and take a small step forward when communicating with them. If you want to raise this breed, then you have to give them affection, warmth, and care for their health, and eventually make them live longer than expected.