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How long do teacup poodles live?

No one can deny that the teacup poodle is irresistible and lovely. However, these miniature versions of an already pint-sized breed have some significant health risks that you should be aware of in choosing dogs.
It’s important to understand that the teacup poodle is not its own breed. They are smaller than the standard poodle, the result of breeders mating two smaller teacup poodles to produce a smaller dog. The average lifespan of a teacup poodle is 12 to 15 years, so if you have a teacup poodle, your dog is likely to live that long.


What is the average life span of a teacup poodle?

A typical teacup poodle has a life span of only seven to nine years, although a teacup Yorker can live as long as 15 years. The 9-year-old life expectancy is not official statistics, but a possible result of increased trauma and health problems.

The possibility of trauma in teacup poodle.

The teacup poodle weighs only two to four pounds. This puts them at considerable risk of trauma, which is already the leading cause of death of full-size teacup poodles. The teacup poodle is very small and easy to suffocate. It jumps off the medium height furniture and is trampled on. The children play rough. There are even bigger animal attacks. All of these make it easy for them to suffocate and fracture.

How to reduce the risk of injury to teacup poodle?

There are several steps that can greatly reduce the damage to your teacup poodle. Don’t let your teacup poodle walk on the ground in crowded places. Dogs are likely to be trampled on by unsuspecting people. It could be in your home or on a busy city sidewalk.
Keep a close watch on the children around your poodle or drive the dog out of the situation completely. Hold the puppies and teach them to hold them properly.


Socializing with other dogs is great, but be wary of larger dogs interacting with your teacup poodle. Even a medium-sized dog or a naughty dog can accidentally hurt such a dog.
Provide pet steps to allow your dog to jump out of bed and furniture from potentially dangerous heights. The sofa may be too high for these kids. In addition, use a belt with a belt instead of holding the belt to the collar. This prevents damage to their trachea, which is common in small breeds. You can check out the best teacup poodle lasso we recommend here.