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How Long Do Siberian Husky Live?

Husky’s growth rate:

Nine months ago, Husky’s growth rate was fairly rapid. After nine months, it slowed down and became more or less set. Husky was small at first, but he was always around, so you couldn’t tell if he was long or short. The best way to find out is to weigh your dog once a week. In addition, the dog at this time to eat puppy food, until nearly 1 year old.


How long will Husky live?

Husky lived to be about 11 — 13 years. Husky’s afraid of the heat. Because he is a sled dog, so he needs a lot of exercise in his daily life. If we can get him to run half an hour a day, that’s fine. Because Husky is a large dog, he also needs space. The large living area of the family is to his advantage.

What’s Husky’s growth period?

Husky’s age was determined by the growth of the teeth, the wear and tear of the teeth, and the color of the teeth. For ease of understanding, the dog’s dentition is described below:

In about 20 days, the dog begins to grow teeth.

4 ~ 6 weeks old: the length of deciduous incisor teeth. Nearly 2 months of age, all deciduous teeth length Qi, was white, thin, and pointed.

2-4 months old: The dog begins to replace its first deciduous incisors.

5 ~ 6 months old: The second and third deciduous incisors and deciduous canine teeth.

After 8 months of age: All permanent teeth replaced.

Dogs grow up to a year old, so if you want your dog to keep growing, feed him good dog food, feed him small meals, don’t feed him too much at once, Husky is weak in the stomach, easy to diarrhea. Second, we need to get Husky moving, preferably for two hours a day. In the meantime, we need to make sure that Husky gets enough sleep.

There is a big difference between the life expectancy of a hard-working Husky and that of an extremely laid back Husky, but it is normal for any dog to reach the age of 10 or more. Husky’s life span is related to conditions such as feeding and management, so as long as breeders pay attention to Husky’s health, exercise and illness, most of Husky’s life span will be longer, should be able to live more than 10 years.


Although the average life expectancy of a dog is only 12 years old, it is already equivalent to 79 years old man, can also be said to be a senior year. Husky has an average life expectancy of just over 10 years, but if you take good care of him, you’ll live a long and healthy life, with a record of 34 years.

Husky needs to be cheerful, but pet owners can’t ignore Husky’s psychological problems. If pet owners rarely interact with Husky, it will only bore him, depression is a real possibility, and it goes without saying that a depressed Husky will not live long. If we want to extend Husky’s life the most important thing is the Diet, Husky needs to absorb a variety of nutrients every day, so pet owners need to choose more comprehensive nutrition of dog food to meet its daily needs. Don’t feed Husky human food because it’s salty and bad for Erha, who loses hair easily.