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How Long Do Samoyeds Live?

The ultimate life of Samoyed is about 20 years, and the average life is only 12~15 years. If Samoyei suffers from congenital genetic diseases such as osteoporosis and cataracts, his life expectancy will be relatively short. Therefore, we need to conduct timely screening based on the potential risk of Samoyed in the future. It is better for us to have regular check-ups and be fed nutritious dog food to prolong samoyed’s life.


Notes for Samoyed living longer:

1. Screening for genetic diseases
A samoyed with congenital genetic diseases such as osteoporosis, cataracts, and hypothyroid would not have the same lifespan as a normal Samoyed. Therefore, before we feed Samoyeis, we must take them to do a genetic test to prevent future diseases in advance, reduce the incidence rate of dogs, so as to prolong their life.

2. Regular physical examination
Cancer is the number one killer of Samoyed, and it is likely that the elderly Samoyeds will die of cancer. Therefore, we should give them regular blood routine and other medical examinations, and monitor the indicators of white blood cells and red blood cells, so as to realize early detection of diseases and early prevention without diseases, which is helpful to prolong the life of Samoyed.

3. Feed the dog food
Dog food contains rich, comprehensive, and balanced nutritional elements, with high nutritional value and conversion rate. It is easy to be digested and absorbed by Samoyed. Dog food provides them with the nutrients they need to grow and develop. As a result, Samoyed who lives on dog food should not suffer from gastroenteritis, kidney failure, and other diseases, and will live a relatively long life.


The phenomenon when Samoyed ages:

When Samoyed reached a certain age (Samoyed was about ten years old), he began to show signs of aging, which indicated that Samoyed had entered the age range of an old dog, in general, the following characteristics will appear:

1. Samoyed’s oestrus has faded, his fertility has completely stopped, his skin has become dry and wrinkled, his muscles have become stiff and inflexible, his body hair has lost its luster, and his body hair is beginning to thin and disheveled.

2. Samoyed’s mouth, ears, skin, and other parts of the emitting than before the bad smell.

3. If it is a darker color Samoyed, we can find the dog’s hair mixed with white hair. The beard around Samoyed’s mouth began to thin, the tooth falls off, when eats the food chewing difficulty, the appetite drops.

4. Samoyed’s vision and hearing were impaired, he was unresponsive, and he sometimes lost control while walking and bumped into other objects.

5. When the Samoyed began to age, the body of its is easy to fatigue. It will lose interest in sports and play. And the Samoyed likes to sleep late all day, especially afraid of cold, winter-like to lie in a warm or warm place.

6. Some Samoyeds may also have the phenomenon which defecates incontinent or the disorderly discharge.