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How Long Do Pomeranians Live?

Pomeranian’s personality:

Pomeranians can live longer, they will live up to 14 to 20 years. With a lively personality, it is easier to blend into the family, but the Pomeranian will usually be particularly close to a family member and see him as a leader. It is not the ideal “watchdog” in its size, but its shrill bark, curious and attentive nature can serve as a warning to strangers. Pomeranians can live in groups and are generally very friendly to their own kind, but when confronted by other aggressive dogs, Pomeranians will fight back regardless, even to a dog several times its size.


Feeding tips:

The Pomeranian is active and should be allowed to exercise or walk outdoors every day. Because Pomeranian has a thick coat, it needs to be carefully combed and washed twice a week. To maintain a good look, trim the coat regularly. In order to maintain the Pomeranian’s rich and beautiful coat, feed should pay attention to add some vitamin A, B and fresh fish, and so on. Pomeranian’s ear canal is susceptible to disease and should be checked and cleaned weekly. In addition, its claw grows very fast, should cut short in time. Pomeranian is a proud and pampered country. It should be taught correctly from an early age and not to overindulge in order to prevent future insubordination. Pomeranian limbs bone slender, it should be prevented from jumping from a height to cause fractures and other accidental injuries. Remove short facial hair, trim to a rounded shape, and always bathe and groom back hair to prevent tangles. This dog comes from pride, do not indulge it, once the habit is not easy to obey orders, to strict training from an early age. Pomeranian is a healthy breed. Similar to other pet dogs, it has a long life span and can live up to 14-20 years.


How do you keep Pomeranians living longer?

First, we have to take Pomeranian to the doctor regularly. Pomeranian’s health requires regular checkups from his pet owners so that he can be thoroughly checked for disease and, if found, treated in a timely manner, which is one of the means by which basic health can be guaranteed. Second, we keep Pomeranian away from alcohol and tobacco. If you have a Pomeranian, it’s best not to expose Pomeranian to alcohol or tobacco, such as smoking in front of a Pomeranian or feeding alcohol to the dog. Because both alcohol and tobacco are bad for Pomeranian’s health, they’re not going to last much longer.
Third, Pomeranians can choose to be sterilized when the time is right, because, without sterilization, the risk of disease is high, for example, male dogs are prone to prostate disease and testicular cancer, female dogs are prone to breast cancer, and so on, of course, sterilization can have side effects, such as obesity, but post-sterilization, if taken care of, is better than non-sterilization. Fourth, even if the Pomeranian doesn’t need much exercise, it needs to be done properly, because exercise helps strengthen the Pomeranian, but not too vigorously, because Pomeranian’s bones are brittle and prone to fractures, usually it is best to also feed a high calcium content of food, or feed a little calcium tablet to help strengthen bones. Fifth, we need to help Pomeranian with his immunization work. From puppy to old age, Pomeranian dogs need to be immunized regularly, that is, dewormed and vaccinated. This is an effective means to protect the dog from viruses and bacteria, as long as the dogs are regularly dewormed and vaccinated so that Pomeranian’s body will be healthy! Sixth, we need to keep Pomeranian eating healthy. Pomeranian wanted to live a long and healthy life, and eating a healthy diet was the most important thing. Pomeranian’s nutrients were different at every stage of his development, so the foods he ate had to be tailored to Pomeranian’s nutritional needs.