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How long do German shepherds live?

The longevity of German shepherd dogs depends on the overall health of each dog and the care they receive throughout their life. While 10-12 is the standard age, there are ways to keep your shepherd at his best and help your furry friends increase the likelihood of exceeding the standard age. By feeding your puppies a high-quality diet, maintaining their daily veterinary visits, and alleviating their pain, as they age, you have all the tools you need to give your German Shepherd a long and happy life!

Next, we will introduce in detail the various methods to prolong the life of German shepherds and the expected effects. When you raise your German shepherd, you will notice some significant changes in maturity and personality. As a result, you can best understand our expectations.


(1) The juvenile stage of German Shepherd Dog

Adolescence is the period when most people choose to adopt German shepherd dogs.
When you’re three to seven months old, your shepherds begin to really integrate into the world around them. At this time, they are the most open to training, socialization, and the structure you arrange for their daily lives. This is also a time when they are full of naughty dog energy! You should be prepared for a lot of play time, but also have the same amount of dog sleep time.


(2) German shepherd dog in adolescence

The German shepherd dog’s adolescence is comparable to our adolescence. Between 7 months and 3 years of age, your German shepherd dog will begin a real water test. This is when they’re beginning to reach sexual maturity, so behavioral problems will start to emerge in large numbers. If you plan to remove or castrate your German shepherd, this is the time to schedule it, as some behavioral problems can be alleviated through the depilation process. In addition to their hormonal changes, you should expect energy levels during this period. This is probably the most irritable period for your German shepherd dog, so get ready for daily exercise and play!