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How Long Do Chihuahuas Live?

The Chihuahua is a typical small dog, even the smallest of the small breed. It is graceful, alert, Agile, active, and very popular, plus they don’t require much living space, don’t exercise much, and even stay at home every day, so busy people can keep them. How long can a small dog like this live? Owners who really like Chihuahuas and want them to spend more time with us should all want to know.



Chihuahua life cycle:

Dogs up to the age of one are in their infancy, and those between the ages of one and eight are in their prime. After the age of Eight, the dog entered old age. Because the life span of Chihuahua will be affected by daily nutrition, living environment, disease control, and other conditions, so in general, in the absence of disease, Chihuahua can live to about 10-15 years old. With better care, it is possible for a Chihuahua to live to 20 years old.

Chihuahuas live longer because they’re smaller:

In addition, Chihuahua’s size and life expectancy also have a certain relationship. In general, the smaller you are, the longer you live. So, despite its small size, Chihuahuas have a slower metabolism, a lower heart, and lung burden, and are more resistant to disease than larger dogs because of their small size.

Four suggestions:

So what should we be looking for when raising chihuahuas to extend Chihuahua’s life? Here are four suggestions to extend Chihuahua’s life.
1. Diet
Chihuahua feeding should be science timing quantitative, Chihuahua can not eat food such as chocolate, Ham sausage, we do not put it in contact with the place. Other than that, we don’t let it drink or drink. We should try to give the dog nutritious food.
2. Living environment
Living Environment to maintain room temperature, if the weather is cold to pay attention to it to add clothing against the cold. To give Chihuahua a warm home, especially the elderly Chihuahua’s waist legs will be weak, home furnishings to take into account the convenience of walking Chihuahua.
3. Taking a walk
We could take the Chihuahua out for a walk. Moderate exercise is important for a dog’s health, and for an older Chihuahua, walking can slow down. Of course, if the dog doesn’t want to walk, we shouldn’t force him to.
4. Companionship
The Chihuahua itself is a very clingy dog. As he gets older, he becomes more afraid of being alone and more anxious if left alone at home for too long. Spend more time with him and he will feel a great sense of relief. You know, a dog needs a lot of care from its owner.


As long as we pay attention to the dog’s health, Movement, and disease, most dogs live longer. In addition to providing a proper diet, the host has to give the Chihuahua proper exercise. Exercise needs to be based on the actual situation of the dog to determine, do not exercise too much, this is not only unhealthy for the dog but also counterproductive. Small Chihuahua not only suitable for domestic, but life is also long if you want to keep a long time Chihuahua pet dog, then Chihuahua will be your better choice.