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How Long Do Alaskan Malamute Live?

The life span of Alaska is linked with the quality of life and living environment. In cold environments, dogs have a slower metabolism and can live longer. After Alaska came to the Interior, the environment is hot, not suitable for its growth, but after a long period of adaptation, it has been able to grow up healthily. When we are feeding Alaska, it is best to feed the dog dry food, soup and so on can not be used as a staple food, we can not let the dog overeat, its gastrointestinal function is not good, the chaotic eating pattern is easy to let the dog suffer from gastroenteritis, unfavorable to the absorption and transformation of nutrients. Its absorption of micronutrients and minerals should also be limited, not the more the better. And provide it with adequate drinking water.

Alaska is a race of running, it needs a lot of exercises, feeding Alaska had better be prepared for it a spacious enough place to exercise, otherwise, it does not have the movement, prone to various diseases, and even it will get depression!

How long does Alaska Live:

Alaska’s life span is about 11-12 years, mainly the length of Alaska’s life and its own physical and rearing methods. Alaska typically lives to 12 years or so, but for Alaska to survive much longer, care must be taken.


How to extend life in Alaska:

Extending life in Alaska requires regular care, such as cleaning, deworming, and regular grooming, because the only way to keep Alaska’s thick, silky hair, to stimulate the circulation of its blood. And then we’re gonna take Alaska for a walk, get some exercise. Alaska can’t be cooped up in the house for long periods of time, or it will become depressed, and it will become very energetic if you take it out for exercise. Of course, we can’t let Alaska Overdo it. It depends on the state of Alaska. And it’s best not to take Alaska out on hot and smoggy days. We also have to interact with Alaska on a regular basis, and we can’t ignore the state of Alaska. The best is the food problem, we can not feed the same food for a long time, balanced nutrition, can not allow Alaska to develop the problem of picky eating. It just takes a lot of care to make Alaska live longer.