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How long can Golden Retrievers hold their pee?

Golden retrievers are very clean and do not urinate in or near their nests. This is due to the fact that mammals do not like to leave scents near their nests to avoid being tracked by predators, especially when the mother dog gives birth, they lick the shit out of little dogs.

We can use this trait to train golden retrievers to go to the bathroom. Until they develop good hygiene habits, we have to put them in cages, at which point they won’t urinate or defecate anywhere, and when they have a certain amount of time to hold it, let it out and take it to the designated place where they can go to the toilet, let them work it out, and do it over and over again, day in and day out, and they’ll get into good habits.


Another point to note is that the dog’s bladder time is generally up to 10 hours, if always holds more than 10 hours, the health of the dog is not good. The dog’s basin should always have enough clean drinking water (mineral water, cold water) do not let the dog and raw tap water; as long as the regular eating good, drinking water dogs will master the amount. Every morning after we get the golden retriever out of the cage, we take the dog to the place where you want him to go to the bathroom, and after dinner for about 15 minutes, we take the dog to the bathroom, every day. Dogs are also a very smart long time to understand your intentions after their own toilet will go to a fixed place. We should also give the dog regular exercise.

How long can a Golden Retrieve hold his pee?

If the dog to form a habit of a day is no problem, we will go out to take the dog for a walk in the morning and evening, each time more than half an hour, in the Daytime Will Not pee at home.

We must educate, can not spank, his retreat is very fragile! Roll up a newspaper and hit your head with it, shouting no. Dogs are afraid of the sound of a newspaper roll.

3. We’re training golden retrievers to go to the bathroom. It is necessary to take him out for a regular walk twice a day so that the dog will basically not poop at home.

4. We can prepare a tray at home, put it in a designated place, away from the surrounding walls. And dip some of his urine in the newspaper and put it on a tray. Take the dog to the tray, and let the dog smell it, and tell him the poop needs to be here.


After 5, if the dog again randomly pulls urine, we should timely education. Take him to his stool, point to his stool and tell him not to poop here, and hit his head with a newspaper sense, then take him to the tray place and tell him that he needs to poop here. Over and over again, a dog learns.

5 The main thing is that we need to use disinfectant (which is sold in pharmacies and is even better for pets). After dilution, wipe the floor clean and the water will remove the smell of dog poop, which will keep the smell of your home, the dog will not be back here to poop.

Golden Retrievers usually don’t pee for more than four to six months, if we take the dog for a walk at the same time every day. Preferably twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening.