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How long can a Snorkie live?

As the owner of snorkie, as your snorkie grows up, one of the biggest problems you may face is, what is the average life span of my Yorkshire dog? How long do you want your snorkie to stay here? Here’s what you should know about the life span of Snorkies.

How long will snorkie live?

You can expect your snorkie to live between 12 and 15 years old, with an average of 13.5 years old. On average, female snorkies live one and a half years longer than males. Although this is obviously not particularly long compared with us humans, the average age of dogs in the United States is 12.5 years, which gives snorkie a slight lead. So if you take care of your York, he / she should be around for a long time.


The reason for snorkie’s longevity

First and foremost, toy dog breeds tend to live longer than large dogs.
Second, snorkie is one of the healthiest of all varieties. As we all know, most of the health problems faced by snorkie are not fatal.
However, snorkie is worth extra consideration. Teacup Yorker is not of its own breed: it’s just a very small snorkie. The average lifespan of snorkie is only seven to nine years. This is much lower than snorkie’s average life expectancy, because these very small dogs are prone to more serious health problems and have a high risk of injury and death. Even falling off the sofa or being accidentally stepped on, it’s enough to kill an otherwise healthy snorkie. Unfortunately, due to their small size, they are also vulnerable to other dogs. So if you’re going to have a teacup snorkie, you should be very aware of your dog’s safety, and when it’s around other dogs, maybe you can consider keeping your teacup snorkie at home. Buy a Snorkie.


Common causes of death in snorkie

The number one cause of death for snorkie is not entirely infection. More specifically, the death of snorkie may be due to the following infections:

  1. Canine distemper
    Canine distemper is a highly infectious infection of gastrointestinal tract and / or respiratory tract. Coughing and weakness are early symptoms that need attention and can develop into diarrhea. Eventually it will spread to the spinal cord and brain of the dog, and at this point it will be fatal.
  2. Leptospirosis
    Although leptospirosis is a fatal disease in the canine world, compulsory vaccination of leptospirosis is not advocated in many areas. There are many possible forms of leptospirosis, but lethal strains can cause liver and kidney damage. It’s infected through urine, for example, from woodland wildlife, such as raccoons and skunks.
  3. Parvovirus Just like the canine distemper vaccine, it can be used to prevent canine distemper. They are usually referred to as parvovirus and parvovirus. It can quickly cause severe dehydration and vomiting. It is incredibly contagious to any unvaccinated Yorkshire dog.
  4. Cancer is the second leading cause of death in snorkie, accounting for 11% of all deaths, although cancer is not the leading cause of death in most toy dog breeds. Breast cancer, breast cancer and so on. However, 50% of cancers are curable if detected early. If your female snorkie had a skin graft, the risk of breast cancer would be greatly reduced.