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How is constipation of poodle return a responsibility?

Some netizens said that the poodle, who has always been lively at home recently, seems to be depressed recently. After careful observation today, it turned out to be constipation. This netizen can be anxious bad, What should we do to deal with this situation? What reason is poodle constipation? Let’s have a look.

1. Poodle constipation

He is smart and cute. So today, many people like to raise them, and Teddy is common. In fact, Teddy is just a kind of beauty treatment for VIP guests, but now it has its own style because of more people. However, the poodle is also easy to cause a variety of diseases in the breeding process, one of the more common is dog constipation, also known as dog stool secret, is because of dog intestinal movement disorders and secretion disorders, resulting in intestinal content stagnation, drying, and intestinal incomplete or complete obstruction of digestive system disease. In particular, puppies, old dogs, and long hair dogs are more common, this disease occurs in the dog’s colon and rectum.
If the poodle constipation time is longer, it will be more difficult to treat it. If it is serious, it will lead to poisoning or other diseases, which will worsen the condition. Therefore, it is necessary to solve constipation in time.

2. Common causes of constipation in poodles

(1) Scientific feeding: for example, when feeding a poodle for a long time, it drinks less water and eats dry food. There are also poodles that eat foreign bodies, such as human hair, or not exercising enough. Sudden changes in the breed of dog food, the surrounding environment, and feeding methods may lead to constipation.
(2) Poodles suffer from intestinal diseases, such as rectal polyps, proctitis, rectal stricture, tumors, and anal abscesses, which are painful bowel diseases. There is also constipation caused by the disappearance of defecation.
(3) Dog body malaise: for example, dislocation of the medullary joint, pelvic fracture, and fracture of the hind limb, disease of defecation movement disorder, which can cause constipation.