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How To Feed Dogs At Different Period?

Dogs have different nutritional needs at different PERIOD in their life, and there are many different feeding rules. How on earth do dogs feed at different periods? Let me tell you.

Puppy Period

Food: The puppy body has not fully developed, the digestive system is not perfect, and the puppy bone is still in development. So puppies need a lot of calcium, and owners must pay attention to the puppy to filling calcium. I suggest sheep milk powder or puppy food in high calcium. These foods have a small molecular structure, are easy to absorb and digest for the puppy dog.

Feeding Rules: Puppies and human children, both need their owners to follow a small number of feeding rules. Their feeding portion does not need to be too much, but feeding times should be frequent. It is best to feed 3 to 4 times per day and remember to put the puppy food bubble soft before feeding that would be easy to digest and absorb.

Adult Dog Period

Food: The food nutritional requirements are not the same as the puppy period. Please remember not to feed the dog food that humans eat, because if dogs eat there will be a hair-dropping problem, skin problem, and other issues. We advise natural dog food of low salt. In addition to dog food, but also pay attention to balanced nutrition. We suggest different fruits and vegetables, like broccoli, carrots, and bananas, to make a more balanced diet for your dog.

Feeding Rules: The adult dog feeding is not so troublesome as puppies. A day only need to feed twice and feed at a fixed time, do not let the dog form a picky  And do not feed too much all at once, 70% full is perfect.

The Old Dog Period

Food: The old age dog’s body will be aging with gastrointestinal function attenuation, so feed dog food especially for the old dog, and also pay attention to compensatory nutrition. Fruits and vegetables are OK to feed. The old dogs’ bone aging problem also need calcium to help.

Feeding Rules: The digestive function of the old dog will be worse, so it is best to follow a regular diet of small and frequent feeding behavior. Also, remember to give your dog plenty of water, and if necessary, feed your dog some probiotics to help digestion and improve immunity.

The dog feeding selection is very important, the most simple and effective way is to taste, smell, touch. Whatever period your dog is, you can find the correct to feed in this article.