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How fast can a Gordon setter run?

One of the questions I’m often asked during training is, “how do I know the right speed for the Gordon setter? “Every dog – no matter what kind of dog – has its best speed in trotting gait and best displays its shape as it moves. When this speed is reached, the dogs will show the maximum stretch, driving force, and “authenticity” of movement, that is, they will not cross the boundary; not to mention their most correct top line, headstock, and tailstock. My answer to this question is, “it’s better to be too fast than too slow. However, your best speed is always the best for your Gordon Setter.”.
Some hunting test certificates are promising because a dog with only two legs can get a junior or senior Hunter title, which means that the dog can train enough sense of bird to find and point at a captive short-tailed quail. But in Keller’s view, the best evidence of the true skill of any hunting breed is the title of the master hunter. Any great hunter-gatherer can find and guide any kind of captive bird. However, for any AKC Hunter master, the final test is the ability of the Gordon Setter to find and point out wild birds. Keller added: “I’m not going to make a good hunter unless I see him perform successfully on pheasants, grouse, or quails. This applies to all breeds of setters, including the Gordon Setter’s hunting competition.


Gordon setter was a natural retriever

For Alberg, the Gordon Setter is the best breed in the highland game. Since the 1990s, he has been competing with Gordon in all kinds of hunting competitions with pheasants. Most of the other contestants will have German short hair or British hands, they have a strong bird hunting ability, usually put them first. So, when I was performing or performing in the Gordon Setter, I thought we had done something very important because we met a lot of dogs. The Gordon Setter will hunt for him because hunting is an important part of getting good results in any hunting competition. Although Gordon Setter was a natural retriever from the beginning, I used the ear pinching training method to reinforce his desire to pick up any bird. The Gordon Setter lives in the house most of the time, but in the kennel outside if necessary At home, he was calm and quiet, and only when we were ready to hunt would he be excited to see me take out my shotgun.


Gordon setter is alert

When Gordon Setter is looking for a shotgun dog to hunt highland birds and waterfowl, what she wants is a pointing dog with strong motivation, a good nose, and cooperative temperament. Gordon setter also wanted a breed that was a naturally capable hound willing to track injured birds and recover dead games on land and water. It was a surprise for Gordon and her friend.
“I was attracted by Gordon’s noble figure, which does not seem to be the best reason to choose this breed as a versatile hound. But when I saw these hounds working hard in the wild for pheasants, grouse, and quails, I knew it was the right breed for me.