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How does a large Alaskan Malamute lose weight?

The main reason we help Alaskan dogs lose weight is to help their bodies burn off excess fat and calories in a scientific and healthy way to bring their body weight up to standard. Of course, while helping dogs to burn off excess calories and fat, they should also pay attention to proper energy supply to ensure that Alaskan malamutes can lose weight healthily and smoothly.


If we want to lose weight for Alaska sled dogs, we should first increase the amount of exercise of dogs in a planned way, so as to use up the excess calories and fat of the body through exercise. Lengthen the dog’s daily walk and schedule stronger physical activity for the dog. Running, jumping over obstacles, training, catching frisbees, and so on. Lose weight through exercise. At the same time, on the one hand, it helps the Alaskan Malamute to consume the remaining calories, on the other hand, it also needs to scientifically reduce the intake of calories. During weight loss, any high-fat, high-calorie foods should be avoided and some low-energy foods should be chosen to reduce the dog’s intake of energy nutrients and avoid the recurrence of obesity.

1: What is obesity?

Obesity: This represents excess body fat. Obesity is also divided into systemic and local types. Systemic type is fat: because adipose cell grows or becomes those who cause greatly, concern with heredity, excessive eating. Local obesity: Abnormal distribution of fat caused by disease.

2: How does obesity form?

Calorie intake, if more than the body needs for a long time will cause obesity, of course, genetic, endocrine disorders, lifestyle changes, overeating, and reduced activity will cause obesity.


3. Causes of Alaskan Malamute obesity:

In addition to aging, sterilization, pet snacks, and environmental factors, overfeeding are the leading cause of obesity.

4. How to Help Alaskans Lose weight?

First, we need to understand whether the Alaskan Malamute dog’s body fat is caused by disease, and clinicians can make basic judgments based on the pattern of fat accumulation, body hair growth, and diet. Then, increase your dog’s exercise. Alaskan malamutes are large dogs that need 2~3 hours of exercise every day to ensure the normal growth of their bones and the metabolism of excess fat. Finally, we need to reduce its snack intake. Most snacks are high in calories for the sake of flavor.