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How do you trim a smooth fox terrier?

How do you trim a smooth Fox Terrier? Asking “where” means we go to a beautician to finish the work, but I don’t know. So we continue to talk about how to do it. Usually, when I say I trim the Smooth Fox Terrier myself, other dog owners say they really should learn. Now, there are so many people trapped at home, pets wearing winter clothes become very hot, but can not see a beautician, some people began to reflect on their past reluctance.

How to trim the nails of Smooth Fox Terrier?

Manicure nails for Smooth Fox Terrier is a skill that is not only a very satisfying learning, it rewards you because the variety you choose is easy to recognize and distinguish from all other varieties and trim to a stem contour. This part is not only about people who are pruned for dog shows, but also about people who like to see their pets pruned and shaped correctly. As you start pruning and shaping the Smooth Fox Terrier. First, you need to clean the hair between the pads and the edges of the pads. The most important thing is to put the thumb on one side of the dog’s foot, then pull the nail back and open the other side of the foot with your fingers. To reduce the risk of cutting to one of the mats, place the blade of the scissors on your foot instead of pointing to the mat. After you’ve cleaned the bottom part of the Smooth Fox Terrier mat, put your feet on the table, cut vertically with scissors, and trim the outside of the smooth fox terrier’s feet to make it look like a cat.

Trim the Smooth Fox Terrier in the right way

Trimming Smooth Fox Terrier’s nails is a huge and diverse subject. For example, if your clogs are in the back, obviously you will try to leave your coat there longer. But it also brings problems. The Smooth Fox Terrier must be most carefully divided into the rest of the body hair, or it will fail the purpose of actually declaring the judge dog to have a poor topline. Filling a low set tail poses a worse problem, because the Smooth Fox Terrier coat, if longer, will blow. However, the novice should try to master the skill of pruning Smooth Fox Terrier.

How to trim all parts of Smooth Fox Terrier’s body?

When depilating, before pulling out the hair, try to make the hair close to the root. However, when mixing, keep the hair half the length of the hair and pull gently. Then there’s less hair left. When mixing the shoulder with the front leg ornament, comb the leg down (remove the knot), up, and then gently down. The goal is to get a perfect straight line from the top of the shoulder to the outside of the foot, that is, from the chin to the toes, no matter from which angle you look at the Smooth Fox Terrier. Then, trim the smooth fox terrier with a mixture of finger and thumb or knife to remove the hair that interferes with the line. From the side, this line should be straight from the front point of the shoulder to the toe. Remove any hair that is not in this line again, taking care not to let the dog soak at the junction of the front leg and body. When viewed from the back or side, the hind legs blend together to maximize the curvature of the knee joint. Buy a ¬†Smooth Fox Terrier.


The abdomen and surrounding parts of the individual should be stripped quite bald and hair length increased to the middle of the thigh. It’s very difficult, especially because the hair is in many places behind the thighs. Do not mix scissors with Smooth Fox Terrier, always use a blunt knife or fingers and thumb. The amount of hair left on the thighs depends on the quality of the dog’s hind legs. If the hindquarters of your Smooth Fox Terrier are good, you should be careful about its fur! If a small amount of hair is removed from the tip of the knuckle, the rest of the knuckle should be combed properly, which will shorten the knuckle. Comb the hocks up and blend, but the thighs should be combed up and down again to blend these. Starting from the side, mix the side to the maximum at the knee joint point. So you can trim the Smooth Fox Terrier to keep it in shape!