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How do you tell if your German Shepherd loves you?

If you want to know if your German shepherd dog loves you, this article will tell you some ways you can tell you what you can do to make it love you more. So, does my German Shepherd love me? Common ways they show their love for you include wagging your tail when you go home, bringing you things, looking for your direction, or making eye contact with you. In fact, German shepherd dogs love you in many ways, and I’ll show you 11 of them.


(1) It’s at your command

One way for your German Shepherd to show that he loves you is to follow your orders. If it does what you say, it is a sign that it loves you, because it shows that it trusts you, it regards you as its leader, and it believes that being with you is good for it.

(2) It protects you and your home

If your German Shepherd doesn’t love you, he won’t be interested in protecting you or your home. If your German Shepherd tends to protect you from strangers or strangers at the door, it shows that he loves you and doesn’t want bad things to happen to you.
Well, if it really becomes too protective when someone’s around, it’s a problem because you want to introduce your German Shepherd into a friendly dog. I’ve written more about why it might be overprotective here.

(3) German shepherd dogs can smell you

One way dogs express their love for their owners is to “smell” them, that is, they touch their owners with their noses to smell their owners. It’s a symbol of love because it allows you to see where you’ve been, how healthy you are, and whether you’re OK.

(4) German shepherd dogs have eye contact with you

When your German shepherd dog looks into your eyes, it releases oxytocin, a hormone that promotes communication. This means that if your GSD makes eye contact with you often, it is a sign that it loves you.

(5) German shepherd dogs make themselves vulnerable

If your GSD tends to stretch itself around you and put yourself in a weak position you, it will be a sign that it trusts you. If you don’t think it’s safe to put it besides yourself. For example, vulnerable positions include sleeping on the back.

(6) German Shepherd licks you

Another sign that a German Shepherd loves you is if it licks you many times. If he wants to lick you many times, it means that he loves you, because dogs will tease each other by licking them, and when they obey, they will also lick. So, licking you is a sign that it thinks you’re part of it and that it respects you.

(7) The German shepherd will be excited when you go home

Another way to show that it loves you is to get excited when you go home. If it’s exciting when you go home, it means that it’s happy to see you and that you’re OK.


(8) German Shepherd depends on you

If your German Shepherd depends on you, it will also imply that he loves you, because it shows that he believes you will support him and that he feels more comfortable with you.

(9) German Shepherd let you touch its stomach

If your German Shepherd comes up to his back and lets you rub his belly, it will be a sign that he loves you. It’s because it’s a vulnerable location, and if it doesn’t think it’s safe around you, it won’t.

(10) German Shepherds don’t hide it from you

If your German Shepherd doesn’t try to hide from you when he’s around you, it means he loves you. This is because it shows that it trusts you and that it doesn’t feel insecure around you.

(11) German shepherd dogs will keep up with you

One way your German shepherd will show that he loves you is to keep up with you while walking. If your German Shepherd doesn’t love you, he won’t be willing to keep up with you, especially when he’s free, because he won’t trust you or be interested in getting close to you.