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How do you tell if a Chihuahua likes you?

Sometimes, it’s hard to identify Chihuahua‘s emotions. Whether they are happy or sad is not always obvious. It may be difficult for us to understand whether your Chihuahua loves you or not. First of all, I’m sure your Chihuahua loves you so much, so please don’t worry. A quick explanation of Chihuahua’s love and happiness. There are many ways to tell Chihuahua that she is happy and loves you, including swinging hips, relaxed body, naughty, good appetite, and no destructive behavior. These and more are how you know your Chihuahua loves you and is happy. If you stay outside for a period of time and come in from the door, an excitable Chihuahua pours at you, it shows that your Chihuahua loves you. But apart from the obvious, what else should you pay attention to?


1. Your Chihuahua has a smile on her face

Chihuahua often relaxes their mouths, lips, and tongues to give you a happy-looking smile. It’s a smile, their lips curl, their eyes soften, their tongue pops out.

2. Your Chihuahua wags her ass and tail

Chihuahua wags her tail when she is in a good mood. You’ll also notice how much they like to wiggle their hips when they’re happy. If you’re welcomed home by a shuffling, buttock twitching puppy, you can be sure your Chihuahua loves you.

3. Your Chihuahua gives you gentle eyes

Chihuahua’s eyes are the most expressive of all dogs, not just because of its unique appearance. Like all dogs, they can give you classic dog eyes, which is a symbol of Chihuahua’s happiness. But why do dogs do this? In fact, there is some scientific evidence behind this; apparently, dogs have developed the ability to melt your heart in a simple gaze as part of their family evolution. It’s a reactive behavior, and dogs know it triggers positive reactions in humans. Their dogs squint because of fear. So if you see those tender Chihuahua eyes, you will know that your eyes are happy and love you.

4. Your Chihuahua is not aggressive

Unhappy Chihuahua will be aggressive and show his teeth. Although they may be small, they can still roar, put their ears back a little, and take defensive action.


5. Your Chihuahua is very relaxed

The Chihuahua of love and joy will relax, and you will see that in their bodies. A Chihuahua who loves you will express happiness with a relaxed body, including those hip twists I mentioned earlier. If you’ve seen the happy dance of Chihuahua and their whole body starts to swing, you’ll find that Chihuahua’s body is very relaxed. The tight Chihuahua, on the other hand, is a sign of stress.

6. Your Chihuahua is very fond of playing

A playful Chihuahua is a happy Chihuahua. If you have a Chihuahua you don’t want to play with, let the vet check it out. It’s also one of the best signs to see if your Chihuahua loves you. They will come up to you and try to start a game, which can be catching, playing, tug of war, tickling.

7. Your Chihuahua doesn’t show destructive behavior

Unhappy Chihuahua can be devastating. When stressed and sad, they chew, bite, and destroy anything visible. This should not be confused with the teething stage of your dog, although it is entirely natural or they want to chew. A more common cause of destructive behavior is separation anxiety. Chihuahuas thrive in the company of humans – being alone at home has a huge impact on their behavior. If you work outside or even leave home for a few hours, you may return to a scene of destruction. This may include barking, digging holes, chewing, tearing, tearing, and other undesirable behaviors.