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How do you take care of an old English sheepdog?

How do you take care of an old English sheepdog? Old English shepherd dogs have a fluffy appearance and social nature. They seem to be very good family pets. The American Dog Club describes them as a very smart breed. However, like many purebred dogs, they are also prone to some diseases. As you might expect, an English shepherd needs a lot of grooming for a dog with such long fur. In addition to the time and money you have to commit to any dog, you should give two extra hours to sort out and check for medical problems if you decide to adopt a member of this breed.


Step 1

You can feed your shepherd dog good quality dry food once or twice a day, and supplement it with canned food if necessary. This breed has no special dietary requirements and a portion of balanced dog food should be good. Don’t give in to begging, because obesity can cause serious health problems for dogs. Your veterinarian can provide a diet for old or sick dogs.

Step 2

Take your old English shepherd for an hour every day and spend as much time with him as possible. The ancient English shepherd dogs were raised as working dogs; therefore, in addition to exercise, they also needed mental stimulation. Walking in different places, having a lot of interaction with you and your family, and if you like, advanced training, such as grazing and agile courses, all help to provide what this breed needs. We would appreciate regular access to the courtyard with security fence. But don’t walk the dog too much, especially when it’s small and its bones are still developing. I can only walk with you for two or three hours at most. Don’t make him run. Don’t make him go. If he has a yard, he can further exercise because he feels the need.

Step 3

Prepare for grooming at least twice a week. Prepare what you need in advance. The most basic are a wide-toothed comb, a brush or finer comb, a spray bottle, a pair of scissors, a set of pet nail clippers, nd cotton balls.

Step 4

Spray water on the dog’s fur to wet it. It is difficult to comb or brush a dry coat, which may cause you to pull the fur painfully.


We must insist on doing a good job of cleaning the Old English Sheepdog, even more delicate. Every day we have to comb and check the Old English Sheepdog’s fur, clean its eyes and ears of health, timely detection of abnormalities on timely treatment. Old English Sheepdogs lost their appetite when they got old. Pet owners could prepare goat milk powder. Goat milk powder is rich in flavor and nutrition. It can be prepared in warm water to increase Old English Sheepdog’s Appetite, or you can put it in dog food. Old English Sheepdogs had bad teeth and lower gastrointestinal function as they age, so we needed to change the dog’s diet. Owners do not give the dog to eat too hard food, not to eat too greasy food, will cause the dog indigestion. It is best to give the dog some low-salt, low-oil, easily digestible natural food. In addition to giving the dog food, the owner should not forget to give the ancient English sheepdog some fruits and vegetables, in this way the nutrition of the ancient English Sheepdog will be more balanced and healthy!