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How do you take care of a teacup poodle puppy?

Due to its long life span (12-15 years), your teacup poodle needs extra care to ensure its physical and social welfare throughout life. These little puppies are great indoor pets, but they are happiest when they have regular exercise and lots of social activities.


Step 1

Take your teacup poodle for a daily walk to keep behavioral problems – including destructive chewing, mania, compulsive barking, and territorial marking – to a minimum. Provide your dog with a strong seat belt and a proper size belt to ensure his safety and comfort. In the park or yard, limit the range of leashes and pay close attention to his interaction with strangers, especially the larger breeds of dogs.

Step 2

Bathe your poodle regularly to make its skin and fur soft and healthy. Choose a non-toxic, hypoallergenic brand of dog shampoo to minimize the risk of irritating or drying your dog’s skin or causing allergic reactions.

Step 3

Cut the coat of your adult teacup poodle every six to eight weeks to prevent its inner coat from getting tangled, which can cause skin irritation or infection. Unless you have previous dog experience, it’s best to take your pet to a qualified beautician.

Step 4

Keep your teacup poodle ears healthy to ensure proper balance and hearing when he grows up. Always check your dog’s ears for mites and contact your veterinarian if you find mites. Use a cotton swab dipped in mineral oil to remove wax-like hair from the outside of the ear canal. Don’t put anything in the dog’s ear. Leave it to your veterinarian.


Step 5

Bring your teacup with you and check with your poodle regularly. If you find that your pet has abnormal behavior or condition, be sure to contact your veterinarian immediately. Some common symptoms of adult teacup poodles include cataracts, epilepsy, diabetes, knee joint slippage, ear or upper respiratory tract infections, heart or digestive system diseases, progressive retinal atrophy, dry or itchy skin, and skin allergies.

Step 6

Give your adult teacup poodle two to three tablespoons of high quality wet or dry dog food, two or three times a day, to satisfy his hunger without overtraining his digestive system. Always leave dry food overnight for free.