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How do you take care of a Chinese crested dog?

How do you take care of a Chinese Crested dog? You may have done your research because compared with other types of dogs, these Chinese Crested dogs need extra care. However, if you don’t know, we see no reason to worry. Now let’s take a look at how to take care of a Chinese Crested dog.

How to take care of a Chinese crested dog’s diet?

When we take care of a Chinese Crested dog, we should know that the Chinese Crested dog needs more fat and protein in their diet. Without fur, these Chinese Crested dogs need to use the energy produced by food to maintain their body temperature. These Chinese Crested dog healthy diet suggestions include about 80% dry food and 20% fruits and vegetables. However, the feeding of these Chinese Crested dogs should be kept to a minimum. Avocado, cheese, meat, cauliflower, sweet potato, yogurt, grapes, bananas and nuts are good for pets. You should avoid feeding chocolate and caffeine to these Chinese Crested dogs. These Chinese Crested dogs drink more water than hairy dogs. Therefore, it’s always a good idea for you to constantly replenish their tanks.

Provide safe accommodation for Chinese crested dog

If there is no safe place to live, Chinese Crested dog is easy to be scratched. Therefore, it is necessary to provide them with a safe environment. Like other dogs, Chinese Crested dogs need a big cage in which they can play and climb. No wire shall protrude from the cage. If so, you have to hide it very carefully. It’s a good idea that you can put the cage in a dry and warm place, because these Chinese Crested dogs are easy to feel cold. You should clean the cage every day, if not, at least three times a week. It can prevent Chinese Crested dog from being infected soon. These cages need soft bedding for Chinese Crested dog to cuddle at night. Bedding can be made of old T-shirts, newspaper shavings, wool blankets or other soft cotton materials. You should not use any type of sawdust and shavings as bedding. Because shaving is likely to puncture Chinese Crested Dog and cause scratch.

Chinese crested dog’s skincare products

When we take care of a Chinese Crested dog, we should know that Chinese Crested dog is more prone to skin problems, such as dry skin and rash, than hairy dog. You need to take a bath for your Chinese crested dog several times a year. Usually, the animals groom themselves. However, you can help your Chinese Crested Dog clean if it gets very dirty. If you want to wash Chinese Crested Dog with antibacterial soap, you can also dry it completely with a towel and heating lamp. This will prevent Chinese Crested dog from getting sick. If you also want to clean the sticky spots on Chinese Crested dog skin, please use a warm wet cloth or a baby’s wet towel with aloe extract. Dry skin is the main problem of Chinese Crested dogs. However, it is not recommended to use baby lotion, moisturizing cream and hand cream to solve this problem. These Chinese crested dogs often lick themselves, will eat milk/cream. Using olive oil as a moisturizer is the best choice because it is safe. You can rub the oil gently on the skin of Chinese Crested dog. Your pet will enjoy a gentle massage and it will ensure that the oil seeps into the skin as well. But don’t let oil get into Chinese Crested dog’s eyes, ears and nose. Another way to keep their skin soft is to add olive oil to their diet. Soak a small piece of bread in oil and give it to your Chinese Crested dog. In this way, the oil is transferred to the body of Chinese Crested dog, and when it licks, it also spreads to the whole body.

Dental care of Chinese Crested Dog


When we take care of a Chinese Crested dog, we should pay attention to its teeth. If your Chinese Crested dog’s teeth are getting longer and longer, take it to the veterinarian to have it removed. Don’t try to pinch your teeth. Trained veterinarians can easily trim teeth with their eyes and hands. Buy a Chinese Crested dog.

Nail care of Chinese Crested Dog

Like cutting your teeth, it’s always a good idea for you to go to the vet and manicure your pet. If you file nails at home, you may hurt Chinese Crested Dog unconsciously.