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How do you punish a Gordon setter puppy?

Before you try to discipline your Gordon setter, there are some important things to note before you start. These tips will guide your dog training tour.

1. Don’t physically punish your Gordon Setter

First and foremost, don’t restrain yourself in anger. Never physically punish your dog. It’s not only wrong, it can lead to aggressive behavior on your dog’s way into the future.
Another bad way of corporal punishment is to rub your dog’s face with your hand when he has an accident at home. This may lead to anxiety behaviors when they need to use the bathroom in the future. Instead, simply show them the confusion they’ve caused and take them outside so they can know it’s not appropriate to use the toilet in your home.


2. Use positive behavior to discipline your Gordon Setter

Be sure to support positive behavior before you discipline your Gordon Setter. In most cases, positive feedback is more likely to correct bad behavior than any form of discipline. Our approach is the last resort for stubborn puppies. Make sure the discipline is consistent with your dog from the moment you go home. If you don’t agree with your dog, the training won’t last.
Only discipline your dog for a few minutes after the incident. Otherwise, the puppies may not understand why they are in trouble.

3. Make a rule for your Gordon Setter.

If you always feed your Gordon Setter at the same time, they need to go to the toilet at the same time, which makes it easier for them to learn that when they need to go to the toilet, they need to go outside. Setting game times also works. If our approach doesn’t work, you may want to invest in a professional dog coach to correct any bad behavior.


4. How to discipline the Gordon setter

We’ve collected the best ways to train the Gordon Setter. Each method has its own logic behind it, and many people have successfully used them.

Method 1: neglect the bad behavior of the Gordon setter dog
One of the easiest ways to discipline your dog is simple: when your dog shows up, ignore any bad or wrong behavior. Like humans, dogs thrive on attention and love. So, if your puppy does something you find unacceptable, such as barking or biting your neighbor, ignore them. In the end, your puppies will understand that they can’t attract your attention or love by behaving badly. They’ll quickly learn what gets your attention and what doesn’t.
Many of the dog’s bad behavior stems from the desire to be noticed. Stop paying attention, and you’ll stop.
Method 2: with a firm voice
Another way to discipline your puppies is to use a firm voice as they perform.
Remember, this doesn’t mean yelling at your dog, it can cause anxiety and aggression. Firm intonation works best. Every time you discipline your dog, use the words “no” or “stop.”. Consistency is the key, so they learned the word, which means they’re in trouble. Not only should your voice be firm, but you should also be calm, but order your dog to know who is in charge.