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How do you keep a Weimaraner entertained?

Do you have Weimaraner at home? Do you know how to keep your beloved Weimaraner entertained? Now let’s take a look.

A lot of exercise keeps Weimaraner entertained

It’s OK to run or walk. Whether it’s nearby, on the mountains or on the beach. No matter where you live, there is always a place for you to exercise with your Weimaraner, because exercise keeps Weimaraner entertained.

Interactive toys keep Weimaraner entertained

In addition to physical exercise, fatigue your high energy dog our spirit. Hide their food in a toy so it’s hard for them to get out, or try a food dispenser where your dog has to learn how to take it out.

Giving them a window seat would keep Weimaraner entertained

Dogs like good scenery. Even the dogs who are not very tenacious like to see the outside world. If this view is promoted, it will be even better! Find a window in your house with an interesting street view or backyard. Open the curtains so that your dog can see a good view all day. Good view will keep Weimaraner entertained. You can put Weimaraner with their favorite blanket or bed so they can spend their time there. You will be surprised how much time a Weimaraner can spend watching the world go by, waiting for you to go home for a walk.

The game of hiding food around the house keeps Weimaraner entertained

Many Weimaraners like to smell food and food, so before going to work, they scatter some food in special places around the house. Try to mix it up a little bit so that it doesn’t become a routine and your Weimaraner will spend a day sniffing out something delicious. You can hide your food in a puzzle game to make the game more interesting. The puzzle game can keep Weimaraner entertained. In this way, Weimaraner not only uses his sense of smell to find food, but also exercises his brain to find out how to release food from the puzzle.

Making an ice cube full of food will keep Weimaraner entertained

On a hot summer day, an interesting activity can be to fill a bowl with water and dog food the night before and then leave it to your dog during the day. When the ice melts, the food will show up, creating a fun patience game for your pet. Your dog can also speed up by licking the ice to keep them cool and hydrated in hot weather. This game can keep Weimaraner entertained.

Listening to dog TV will keep Weimaraner entertained

If you can’t find a good shelter, window location or lookout for your dog, then TV is another way to make Weimaraner entertaining. Dog’s YouTube is a good place to start. Remember, not all dogs are interested in TV.


Immersing their minds in puzzles keeps Weimaraner entertained

Dog puzzle games usually involve a deal hidden in a device that your Weimaraner must manipulate if they want to be treated. Hong Kong chew toy is a very popular choice, with a range of durability depending on your dog’s toughness and strength, which can keep Weimaraner entertained.

Obedience training keeps Weimaraner entertained

Physically and mentally challenging. Obedience training is a great way to keep Weimaraner and you entertained.

Something new can keep Weimaraner entertained

Take your dog to new places and new faces. Meeting new friends and dogs keeps Weimaraner entertained. Change our environment and try hiking. Your dog will love you for it. Buy a Weimaraner.

Frozen food keeps Weimaraner entertained

You can make frozen dog therapy ice so Weimaraner can enjoy it. Fill a container with broth and freeze until set. Stir the container as it freezes, so the treatment stays in the middle and it takes longer for your dog to find them.