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How do you keep a Belgian Malinois entertained?

It is important to keep your Belgian Malinois dog mentally and physically stimulated while staying at home. Training games, toys, and hospitality are all useful ways to entertain your Belgian Malinois at home. The Belgian Malinois’s sport, such as smell work or agility, provides a great choice for exercising your dog indoors. Even if you and your Belgian Malinois find themselves trapped in a house, there are many ways to keep the dog and its owner active. Dogs still need exercise, no matter what keeps them indoors, which means owners have to be creative to prevent their puppies and themselves from becoming crazy.


Play hide and seek with Belgian Malinois

Hide and seek is a simple indoor game without any special equipment. Practice your Belgian Malinois’s “sit” and “stay” commands, hide, and call your dog. This is a particularly good indoor choice, if you have children, you can let your children and dogs play this game together!

Let Belgian Malinois learn odor work

You don’t even need the smell. Smell work can be done by any dog. The ultimate goal is for your Belgian Malinois to smell certain essential oils. However, many trainers or courses offer treatment before they are carried out. Smell work is also something you can easily do indoors with your dog.
You can give your Belgian Malinois two boxes first, one with the smell and one without. Depending on how resourceful your Belgian Malinois is, you can open the top of the box. Gradually, you have to get the dog out of the box more challenging. Eventually, progress to more boxes and more difficult routes to find boxes. It’s a good indoor activity because dogs reward themselves when they find a box with food.

Turn an old T-shirt into a toy

Old T-shirts can be made into all kinds of dog toys. You can cut the shirt into strips, braid it, tie a knot, tie a knot, whatever you want. If your Belgian Malinois is not interested in chewing toys, weave snacks or buy your own snuff pad if you don’t want to do it yourself.

Fill a hole

You may already have a hole or a toy of similar shape sitting around the house. Add some peanut butter and a few biscuits to make it more interesting. Or, freeze the peanut butter and give it to the Belgian Malinois. Canned pumpkin and Greek yogurt can be used as other delicious fillings. Another idea is to put your dog food in the hole and seal it with peanut butter to make them work harder.

Swimming indoors

If your Belgian Malinois loves swimming, the fun won’t end just because the summer is over. More and more places are emerging to provide swimming time for dogs. Some dog nurseries also have swimming pools indoors. These allow your Belgian Malinois to socialize and play their favorite sport. If your water addicted dog also shows an interest in finding it, consider diving in the dock, an exciting dog sport with indoor facilities all over the country.


Improving obedience skills of Belgian Malinois dogs

If your Belgian Malinois has mastered the basic command of obedience, let them go to intermediate or advanced courses and teach them something new. Dogs of all ages benefit from focusing on the group environment and working with their owners.

Keep the Belgian Malinois in a state of agility

Agility is also an interesting exercise for you because it involves the Belgian Malinois and the trainer sailing through a series of obstacles. Obstacles usually include tunnels, jumps, A-frames, braids, and seesaws.