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How do you groom a Spitz?

Grooming your Japanese Spitz is a great way to keep your dog in good health and strengthen your relationship. This is also an important part of Japanese Spitz training because you need to make sure your Japanese Spitz is well behaved and happy to be combed.


Comb your Japanese Spitz regularly

Regular grooming also gives your Japanese Spitz a thorough physical examination. So you can find small problems before they become big ones. The Japanese Spitz should be checked once or twice a week, depending on your dog’s fur texture and exercise environment, although it may need to be done every day when your dog is unhairing. However, sometimes Japanese Spitz also needs to take a bath (however, if you take a bath for a Japanese Spitz who is depilating, you must be careful. If your fluffy hair is wet, it will turn dull and become a nightmare. It will take several hours to clean it).

How to beautify your Japanese Spitz?

You’d better start practicing when Japanese Spitz is only a few months old, when the fur of Japanese Spitz is not stained by warm water, to make sure the dog is used to the experience when necessary. Now there are many shampoos to choose from, so choose a coat that suits your dog best and avoid the inside of your eyes and ears. Otherwise, you may be wetter than Japanese Spitz, who will shake himself and spray water everywhere. It can prove difficult to completely soak adult Spitz coats, so a good high-pressure water supply is necessary. Also make sure that all shampoo is washed clean. For best results, you can use a special hairdryer to dry your dog when groom your Japanese Spitz, or carefully brush your dog thoroughly with the hair dryer after it is dried, and finally comb it with a comb. This also ensures that there are no cushions, knots or tangles. Because you can work from side to side, separate all the hair and blow dry it. It also helps to remove loose hair and dust from dry coats. Blowing before bathing will help prevent the coat from becoming a difficult mat to manage. Once it gets wet, Japanese Spitz’s coat may be particularly easy to knot behind the ears, behind the elbows or between the hind legs, so always pay special attention to these areas and wash frequently if necessary. Buy a Japanese Spitz.

How to trim your Japanese Spitz?

Japanese Spitz is not a trimmed variety. Its fur can withstand hot and cold weather, but its feet can be trimmed. If you need it for hygiene reasons, you can also trim the hair around the anus of Japanese Spitz. If you need to use a dog beautician, always remind them that this breed is not trimmed – you don’t want to come back to collect your pride and joy, and it turns out that Japanese Spitz’s coat is already in the dustbin, and he doesn’t look like he should be a breed at all. You should also wash your Japanese Spitz between grooming, otherwise, a dirty dog may leave them no choice but to cut everything off.


Japanese Spitz’s manicure

If your Japanese Spitz doesn’t work on a hard surface, its nails may also need to be trimmed). Don’t forget the exposed claws of Japanese Spitz, but some puppies will take them off when they are young, because Japanese Spitz is easy to catch, and it will bring more pain and suffering to adult dogs if put on it. Some cream and whitening agents can easily leave tear stains on the face below the eyes of Japanese Spitz. These tear stains will suddenly appear when they are teething or when a bitch is teething. This is because bacteria live on wet hair, resulting in pink or brown hair dyeing area, once it appears, it is difficult to remove. There are many products on the market that claim to remove these substances, but to make them work, you have to use them every day. Japanese Spitz’s eyes need to be clean and the problem area needs to be dry. After drying, you can apply a small amount of Vaseline on Japanese Spitz’s hair to help the extra tears flow away without being soaked by the hair.