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How do you cut a Great Pyrenees nails?

You’ve noticed that your Great Pyrenees claws are too long. This can have a negative impact. In fact, even worse than your parquet floor or your sofa scratch, your Great Pyrenees may walk awkwardly, slip on the floor, or if claws start to grow on the skin like ingrown nails So what to do? This article will help you discover when and how to cut off the claws of your Great Pyrenees. Will you also find another very practical and less dangerous solution to help you choose a dog nail clipper, trimmer, or dog nail grinder for your Great Pyrenees?

When are you going to trim your Great Pyrenees claws?

In general, the talons of the Great Pyrenees wear naturally as they move up hard roads (asphalt, asphalt, concrete, paving stones, etc.). So if he’s out a lot, there’s no need to cut off your Pyrenees nails. But for a frequent occurrence of the Great Pyrenees, wear is not enough, its claws overgrow.
So once you hear your Great Pyrenees tap dancing on the floor, once his paws start to protrude too much from the mat, you have to cut his paws. Under normal circumstances, your big white bear’s legs should be on the foot pad, not on the claws.

Who can cut nails off the Pyrenees?

The safest way to do this is to ask a veterinarian or beautician. In fact, these professionals are used to and well equipped to cut your Great Pyrenees claws correctly. But if you want to do it yourself, there are some techniques and equipment that you can deal with directly.


How to cut your nails in the Pyrenees?

Get your Pyrenees used to be manicured. It’s important to take your Pyrenees from time to time to handle their legs. Every time he lets himself finish, remember to congratulate him and reward him with a little treat. So, day after day, your Great Pyrenees will become more docile, and they will remain calm on the day you have to chop off its claws. Think about it, because this training may take weeks.

What kind of tool can be used to trim the nails of the Great Pyrenees?

In order to trim the Great Pyrenees‘ nails, it is recommended that you choose a specific claw cutter (dog nail clipper), which is available in all pet stores, supermarkets, or the Internet.