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How do you clean a German shepherd’s ears?

Here is a step-by-step guide to how to clean the ears of German shepherd dogs. If you follow the steps listed below, not only will your German shepherd’s ears be fresh and clean, but it will also be a pleasant experience for them.


Check German shepherd dog for infection and problems

Before you do anything, you should check your German shepherd for ear infections or other problems. If you do notice, you need to send them to the veterinarian immediately, rather than cleaning the German shepherd’s ears yourself.
The most common symptoms of ear infection in German shepherd dogs are as follows:
(1) Reddening
If your German shepherd’s ears are red, they are usually scratched or inflamed. Both are common symptoms of infection that your German shepherd dog may have.
(2) Inflammation
You may also notice that the skin around your German shepherd’s ears looks high and red. This is a clear sign of inflammation, which means you should check your dog’s ears as soon as possible. If you notice any discharge in your dog’s ears, there is no denying that something is wrong. Even a lot of earwax can be a symptom of infection.
(3) Bad smell
Your German shepherd dog’s ears will naturally have a dog odor. But any other smell will send you to the vet.
(4) Scratch
Finally, if you notice your German shepherd dog scratching their ears, it means they are angry. Infection often causes this irritation. If you have too many German shepherds, you will notice scabies.


Get the following things you need

The next step is to get everything you need to clean their ears. Here are the main items you need to clean your dog’s ears.
(1) Ear cleaner
Getting a good ear cleaner is necessary to keep your dog’s ears clean and free from infection. If you just try to clean them with ordinary water, you will eventually create a warm, humid environment for the growth of bacteria (2).
When choosing ear cleaners, you should use a veterinarian-approved one.
(3) Cotton ball
Cotton balls and swabs are great for cleaning around the dog’s ears. But remember, you shouldn’t put anything in a dog’s ear. If you do, it could get stuck. This can cause permanent damage and will definitely cost you a lot of money to see a veterinarian.
(4) Tweezers
These may not be necessary, but if your German shepherd dog has a lot of hair in its ears, you may need to pluck some. Don’t worry, German Shepherds hardly notice when you pull their ears.