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How do you care for Chinese Crested skin?

Unfortunately, Chinese humpback whales are prone to skin problems. How do you care for Chinese Crested skin. This is a quick overview of the problem. There will be a more in-depth blog on this topic.
Here are some of the skin problems that Chinese humpback whales are prone to.

Dry skin of Chinese Crested dogs

Chinese Crested dogs dry easily. When they exercise, outdoor activities, do daily activities, their skin will lose a lot of surface hair, become dry and abraded. This can lead to discomfort, even rupture and bleeding. Keep your Chinese Crested skin moist, make sure they have enough moisture and apply a layer of moisturizer, such as the famous dry skin moisturizer, every other day every day. In summer, especially for pink or light-skinned Chinese Crested dogs, if you want to stay outdoors for a long time, you should apply a layer of sunscreen. If you wear sunscreen, be sure to take a bath often, because it can cause acne problems. You can use sunscreen spray. I spray the spray quickly and simply. And remember, even on cloudy days, they can still burn! Be careful of abrasions in winter. Wearing your hair will cause abrasions in your armpits and other places that your clothes may rub.

Chinese Crested dogs allergic to wool

How do you care for Chinese Crested skin? Chinese Crested dogs is allergic to wool. Even if there is no allergy, hairless wool is usually found to be uncomfortable to bare skin, so soft, less itchy fabrics should be used for blankets or any other surfaces, such as clothing and dog beds, which dogs will often touch.

Use lanolin for Chinese Crested dogs to protect skin

How do you care for Chinese Crested skin? Although the use of lotion and other external products is a good thing to use in your Chinese Crested dogs to keep their skin moist, clean and smooth, many crown allergy products, containing lanolin (wool fat), aloe vera and strong fragrance, are found in most skin care products. Not all water hyacinths are allergic to these products, but if you notice any skin problems, see what you use on their skin and whether they contain them.

Acne in Chinese Crested dogs

How do you care for Chinese Crested skin? Chinese Crested dogs are prone to acne, but hairless varieties are more prone to acne. Hairless people’s skin is often exposed to harsh environment. Wearing clothes can also cause problems because the clothes are too hot and dust will adhere to the skin. If you wear your crown, change and wash every day, just as you do for yourself. They were fed a cereal free diet with little fat or oil. For a acne prone person, I bathe my dog at least once a week. A great skin care system, such as the famous Acne Kit, helps to kill bacteria that cause acne, will maintain skin moisture balance and keep skin clean. Buy a Chinese Crested dog.

Sun protection for Chinese Crested dogs

It’s important to keep your Chinese Crested dogs’ skin from sunburn. Not only dangerous, but also painful. Skin color plays an important role in the precautions you need to take. How do you care for Chinese Crested skin. The exception to this rule is the crown with pink skin. Pink doesn’t Tan, it burns, so you need to be extra careful. However, spots on pink skin can tan. So with the coming of summer, these scenic spots will become more vibrant! I like to see all my crowns change from dim color in winter to tan and full of vitality in summer! The best way to prevent sunburn is to avoid exposure to the sun when the sun is strongest (usually between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.). My crowns are out most of the time in the morning and evening. Even at noon, as long as they are in direct sunlight for no more than 15 minutes at a time, their skin should not be burned (dark dogs can prolong this time). We should also try to avoid using sunscreen and clothes in high temperature, because it can cause acne. But if you need sunlight, then you can put sunscreen on Chinese Crested dogs and wear light clothes. You can use oil-free sunscreen and wash it off at the end of the day. Don’t forget to reapply the sunscreen as needed throughout the day. Water and a towel will wipe it off.