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How do you care for a Komondor?

Taking care of a Komondor is hard work, but if everything you do is right, take care of one. Komondor’s care needs daily care: cleaning and drying Komondor’s paws after walking, brushing Komondor’s coat from branches and grass with hand or vacuum cleaner, checking Komondor’s ears and eyes, brushing teeth, and cleaning mouth and nose after meals. All these matters need to be paid attention to when taking care of Komondor.

How to take care of Komondor’s fur?

Komondor has an unusual coat that can protect him from cold, moisture and wind, so we have to take care of Komondor coat. Komondor’s fur needs special care because it is divided into strings as it grows. We also need to take care of Komondor to prevent him from losing his hair. Komondor molts in spring and autumn, but not in adult Komondor. The dead hair falls from the bulb and is fixed in the long hair of the Hungarian sheepdogs dog.
The coat of newborn Komondor is wavy, short, fluffy and bright white. When Komondor reaches 3-5 months old, it becomes hard and dry. Don’t cut it to a year, in any case, you don’t use a comb, don’t brush the Komondor coat, because it will prevent the natural formation of the rope. This is what we need to pay attention to when we take care of Komondor. It will also damage the primer, so the primer will never grow back, which is not good for us to take care of Komondor. Remember, Komondor owners don’t leave combs, brushes or smooth brushes at home. When taking care of Komondor, you can trim the hair on your feet to prevent too much dust from sticking between your toes. If the muzzle is too wet and dirty, you can round it. Grass, leaves, twigs and other litter may stick to the coat. You can take them off or gently brush your coat with your fingers.

How to take care of Komondor’ health?

If necessary or the dog is dirty, you can take care of Komondor to take a bath. Frequent washing will spoil the condition of the coat. Water will thicken the string, or there is not enough fluff, which will become unpredictable after drying. Frequent bathing is not a good way to take care of Komondor. When taking care of Komondor in the bath, you should pay attention to take a bath with hypoallergenic shampoo. The shampoo should bubble, and then wash the dirt on the fur thoroughly with warm water. After wring out the coat, dry the dog with a large towel. You will need some Terry sheets to dry adult Komondor. Drying is the longest process in Komondor hair care. You need a powerful hair dryer and extraordinary patience. Komondor got used to the sound of hair dryers, and then to the warm air. When you take care of Komondor, try not to scare the dog. Be careful with everything. You should buy a whole Komondor if your Komondor lives in an apartment. It helps to keep Komondor clean and dry when walking in the rain. Buy a Komondor.

How to take care of the Komondor dog?


When taking care of your Komondor puppies, you can clean your teeth 3-4 times a week with a toothbrush and toothpaste specially for dogs. Include solid food and fresh tomatoes in your dog’s diet to prevent tartar. You also have to take care of Komondor’s eyes. You can check your eyes once a week. A healthy Komondor’s eyes are transparent, shiny, and not sour. Gray mass is acceptable in the morning. Wipe off with a soft cloth dipped in chamomile tea or warm water. Komondor wiped each eye with a separate cloth. As a dense overcoat covering the eyes of Komondor, regular care for Komondor’s eyes is quite important. If you find that Komondor has red eyes, swollen eyelids or excessive tears, please contact your veterinarian immediately. When taking care of Komondor, wipe your beard and muzzle with a wet towel after eating in Komondor. Comondor’s beard is a hotbed of pathogens, because the long locks do not dry well after drinking and feeding, especially after homemade food. Komondor’s ears are checked two to four times a week. Komondor’s ears are large, tightly closed, poorly ventilated and covered with ropes, making it a good place for infections and ticks. So Komondor’s ears need your attention. Wipe the dust and sulfur off the dog’s ear with a wet cotton pad. Do not use cotton buds. Healthy ears are pleasant pink, tasteless and excessive in sulfur. You can buy ear powder to keep your ears dry and healthy. Watch for excessive itching, or shaking your head, as this may indicate an ear problem. These are all things we should pay attention to when we take care of Komondor.