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How do we trim the Pomeranian’s nails?

There are a lot of people, will not dare to their own Pomeranian manicure, for fear of hurting their dog, so most will choose to go to the pet shop, think their technology is good, for the dog, safe point. But it was too much trouble to take little Bomi to the pet store every time. So, oneself learn such a skill, also be necessary. Today, we’re going to take a look at how to clip a Pomeranian’s nails. Cutting your Pomeranian’s nails is a great idea. We’ve seen Pomeranian grow up and, most importantly, have a dog of our own.


Why are you clipping Pomeranian’s nails?

First of all, if Pomeranian’s nails are too long, they will grow and bend, which will affect the way she walks, hurt her feet, and do more harm than good to her. Second, Pomeranians love to scratch, and if their nails are too long, they can easily scratch and bleed severely.

The process of clipping the little pomeranian’s nails

If you do not want to go to the pet shop to help it cut nails, might as well learn to help their own small Bomi for processing. I hope you can learn about the next nail clipping process. First of all, ready nail scissors and so on; then, their own small Bomi hugs over, control in the arms, to prevent it from moving; moreover, pull out its claws, you can start to cut its nails! In the end, the process of giving little Bomi a manicure is not that different from the process of showing one’s own nails. We’ll just cut off all four of its claws! All in all, the process was simple.


Tips for trimming your Pomeranian’s nails

There are many reasons why so many people are afraid to trim their own dog’s nails. One of them is that they don’t pay attention to these things. First of all, we must keep our Pomeranian under control, or it will easily get hurt if it moves. Second, when we prune, we must be careful not to prune too deeply, which will cause the dog to bleed, to Make Pomeranian suffer. In addition, the timing of our manicures depends on what Pomerania is like. At some stage of development, Pomeranian’s nails grow very fast, and she has to trim them more frequently, but that’s not to say that older Pomeranians need to trim less often. It’s time to pay more attention.

To sum up, that’s what I’m going to tell you about giving little Bomei a manicure. Be careful when you cut Pomeranian’s nails for the first time, lest you hurt the dog, and Pomeranian will be resistant to the practice.