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How do we tell if the dog is in pain?

Dogs are far more tolerant than we are, so even if something goes wrong in their bodies, they usually put up with it in silence. If we hear that the dog is whining or is in pain and not feeling well enough to eat, then the problem is getting worse and the owner should take action. How to tell if a dog is in pain is also a skill that owners need to master. The dog is lethargic and purrs, probably due to pain.


1. What does a dog do when it is in pain?

If the pain is mild, the dog may only show signs of reluctance to move around. They also tend to be less social, unwilling to move, and unwilling to be touched in certain places. If the pain is severe, the dog may make a whimpering or growling sound. The pain may irritate the dog, so some dogs may act aggressively.

Some dogs may also experience loss of appetite due to pain, and some may even engage in self-destructive behavior. Fidgeting and constant positioning is also a way for the dog to ease the pain. Shaking and reluctance to use a limb can also be caused by pain.

2. Points to watch out for when taking pain medication:

In order to ease the pain of the dog’s problem, the owner can properly feed him to take some pain medication. If the dog does not drink at home or has dehydration, the main temporary suspension of medication and consult a doctor can continue to use. If the animal changes in behavior, Anorexia, vomiting, diarrhea, stool black, white gums, and other conditions, the main immediately stop using and consult a doctor. Dogs may also have problems with dilated pupils, vomiting, constipation, and bladder control. The owner had better give the dog an animal painkiller.


3. How to stop the dog’s pain?

Cold and Hot compresses can also be used by the owner for painful injury to intact skin.

Cold: generally after an acute sports injury, the injury site is very painful, you can use physical cooling methods, such as the use of ice bags to cool the injury site, reduce the pain. It is important to note that the ice bag cooling time should not exceed 15 minutes, to prevent frostbite.

Hot Compress: for animals with chronic pain (such as chronic arthritis), hot compress can be used at home, a warm baby wrapped in a towel can be used at home for hot compress, which can increase blood circulation in the painful place, ease the pain. After a 30-45 minute pause for an hour, the procedure can be repeated. It is important to note that the warm baby or hot water bottle can not overheat, in order to prevent scalding dogs.

4. Can the dogs use human pain killers?

Animals for these people with antipyretic analgesics metabolic capacity is not as human, a little excessive use will cause serious side effects, so the owner can not control the number of drugs given to dogs on human pain medication. The owner should consult a doctor for appropriate veterinary medicine.