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How do we tell if the dog has a cold or an infection?

Dog Infections can be prevented with a vaccine, but if the immune failure, delayed immunization can lead to infectious diseases in dogs. But in the spring and autumn season, the dog is also very easy to catch a cold, but the symptoms of the two diseases are very similar in the early days, so how can we tell whether the dog is suffering from infectious diseases or colds?

how-do-we-tell-if-the-dog-has a-cold-or-an-infection

How do the dogs catch a cold?

The dog’s cold is upper respiratory tract inflammation as the main feature of the body symptoms. Colds are most common in early spring, late autumn, and when climate change is abrupt. Most of the causes are due to the sudden exposure of dogs to cold stimulation, such as cold wind invasion of dogs in winter, cold season camping, by the rain, the owner of the dog after the bath did not dry the hair in time and so on.

The main symptoms of a dog catching a cold:

Sick dog spirit depressed, loss of appetite or waste away, red eyes conjunctiva, eyes shy bright tears. Have cough phenomenon, nasal discharge purulent, inhalation speed up, temperature rise, chills, if not treated in time may be complicated with bronchitis, bronchitis, and other diseases. And then there’s the flu, which is caused by a virus, which is an epidemic. High fever is the main symptom. In addition to having cold symptoms, often accompanied by conjunctivitis and intestinal catarrh.

how-do-we-tell-if-the-dog-has a-cold-or-an-infection

Major symptoms of Infectious Disease in dogs:

The early symptoms of many infectious diseases are very similar to the symptoms of a cold. Such as the early symptoms of dog warm fever, parvovirus disease, such as the early symptoms, in general to clinical temperature rise, sneezing, tears, running water-like nasal fluid, and other symptoms. Due to inexperience, some owners are prone to treat common severe infectious diseases like colds, resulting in misdiagnosis and wrong treatment, leading to the serious consequences of dog death.

Colds are usually more common in the early stages of infectious disease, but there are actually other specific symptoms. When the dog was infected with dog warm virus and onset, body temperature is generally two-way heat, high and low body temperature, most sick dogs have the symptoms of raw eye excrement. But the parvovirus’s early stage, then main companion has vomited, diarrhea and so on the main symptom, and is generally first vomits after diarrhea. As long as the owner can carefully observe the physical condition of the dog, it is still possible to distinguish and judge.