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How do we take care of-a newborn Samoyed?

After months of hard work, the Samoyed puppy was finally born! Dog Owners in addition to happy, but also must understand some of the newborn samoyed puppy care knowledge. The newborn samoyed is the most delicate. If we don’t take care of it properly, it’s very easy for a puppy to die. Most of the female Samoyeds are great, but some may be more nervous or less considerate. Therefore, the owner has to take a little more time to take care of the female so that she can calm down and accept her offspring. This may require the cooperation of both bitches and samoyed puppies. We can place the samoyed puppies near the mother’s nipples during lactation. If you don’t get enough milk from the mother, the Samoyed puppies may be smaller, cooler, and, of course, lighter. Holding the Samoyed puppy regularly can help us to check on its health and growth rate. But we should avoid holding the samoyed puppies too often, as this may cause pressure on the mother and the samoyed puppies.

how do-we-take-care-of-a-newborn-samoyed

1. How does a newborn samoyed puppy suckle?

Like human babies, samoyed puppies suckle as soon as they are born. The owner of the dog should place the puppy next to the bitch so that the samoyed puppy can suckle. Some dog owners are inexperienced and have prepared milk or milk powder for their dogs. This is actually very wrong. The newborn samoyed must eat the mother’s milk (that is, the colostrum of the samoyed female) . In general, a newborn baby should be given colostrum within an hour.

2. Why do newborn samoyed puppies eat colostrum?

Why do newborn samoyed puppies eat colostrum? Because the bitch colostrum is rich in protein and vitamins, but also contains high magnesium salt, antioxidants and enzymes, hormones, with anti-diarrhea and anti-disease effect, is conducive to the discharge of meconium. In addition, the high acidity of Colostrum is conducive to promoting the activities of the digestive tract; almost all nutrients in colostrum can be absorbed, which is conducive to strengthening the constitution of the puppy, to generate heat to maintain body temperature. It is worth mentioning that colostrum contains a variety of antibodies (maternal antibodies) , so that the young samoyed can obtain disease resistance. So if you care about your puppy, make sure it gets colostrum.

how do-we-take-care-of-a-newborn-samoyed

3. Other tips for newborn Samoyed puppies:

First of all, we have to pay attention to the temperature of the newborn samoyed. Temperature and lung breathing are the biggest differences between newborn puppies that suddenly leave the womb and come into contact with the outside world. So we must take care to keep the dog’s body temperature. Second, we need to take care of our young samoyed dogs. If more babies are born in one litter, we should put the last litter (usually small and weak) on the last two pairs of teats to suckle. After repeated several times, each litter will have a fixed teat. Also, we should be careful not to let the female dog press down on the puppy. Samoyed puppies should be kept from being crushed, trampled, abandoned, and starved to death by their mothers.