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How do we take care of-a newborn Golden Retriever?

In each of our expectations, finally ushered in the birth of a golden retriever puppy, the dog’s safe birth for us is the happiest thing, this is the golden retriever to give us the best gift. But puppy care is a very important thing, if you know how to take care of a newborn golden retriever, then I think the following article must be a great help to you.


1. Characteristics of colostrum:

First of all, colostrum contains high protein, fat, rich in vitamins, with the role of slow diarrhea, can promote the defecation of the birth of dogs. Secondly, the high degree of colostrum acid is conducive to digestive activities. Colostrum is a variety of nutrients were almost all absorbed by the puppy use, to enhance physical strength, maintain the body temperature is extremely beneficial. Finally, colostrum contains a variety of antibodies (maternal antibodies), which is the body’s mechanism of disease resistance is not yet perfect puppy has a very important significance.

2. Golden Retriever lactation:

The golden retriever mother usually suckles her puppies within a few hours after giving birth. Newborn puppies can find their nipples by smell and touch. Owners of weak puppies should place them next to their succulent nipples. The average golden retriever has 6 ~ 8 teats. As a small dog, there are only a limited number of puppies that can be suckled by their mother. The average golden retriever has only 2 ~ 4 babies, with a maximum of 5. More than this number, it is necessary to consider the owner to help feed or foster the mother of a small number of dogs.


The little golden retriever was born with his eyes closed, ugly as a mouse. But over time, our ugly duckling will turn into a White Swan. It’s important to take care of this little one. If you want your dog to be healthy, you must give it colostrum. Colostrum is the milk of a bitch within 3 to 5 days after birth. Its composition is very different from that of milk at other times. Click here for more information about golden retriever habitat.
The above is the way to take care of the young Golden Retriever because the dog’s body is not well developed, so we must be careful when taking care of the Golden Retriever, do not hurt the little one, trust that your dog will not let you down.