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How Do We Take Care of a Newborn Chihuahua?

Many owners are very worried about taking care of a newborn Chihuahua because they don’t have much experience raising puppies, so they often worry that they will not be able to take care of a newborn Chihuahua. No matter, under normal circumstances, as long as the owners of the breeding and Care Chihuahua work correctly, are successful Chihuahua breeding success. So the owners want to raise a successful Chihuahua, the first thing to pay attention to is to understand the Chihuahua puppy breeding knowledge, do a good job of care and feeding, so as to ensure that Chihuahua can be healthy and healthy growth.


The newborn Chihuahua is not only a cute little toy dog but also has the hunting and guarding qualities of a large dog, similar to a terrier. Chihuahuas are petite, not timid to other dogs, very possessive of their owners, they like to let their owners hug, eager to play with their owners, is a good pet dog. Chihuahua small and not delicate, living environment and food requirements are not harsh, therefore, Chihuahua is a good dog. But, although Chihuahua is easy to raise, the host also can not be careless about it. In raise and management the dog, we still should pay attention to some. It takes a lot of thought and effort to raise a newborn Chihuahua.

Prepare suitable things for the newborn Chihuahua:

First of all, we have to prepare for the Chihuahua suitable food bowl, dog Kennel, dog toilet, and other daily necessities. Then we have to feed the Chihuahua regularly and quantitatively every day, and we have to provide enough clean water for the Chihuahua. Chihuahuas have a fast metabolism and are very hungry. So it’s best to feed your dog several times a day. To control the amount of food, do not let the dog grow very fat, affect beauty.

Protect the newborn Chihuahua’s health:

Second, we have to do a good job of Chihuahua maintenance work. Although chihuahuas spend most of their time at home, cleaning is still required. For example, brush its teeth every week, cleaning the eyes, mouth, ears, toenails, and other parts of the health. In addition, the owner should often comb Chihuahua’s back hair, give it a bath once a month, but also to Chihuahua body, in vitro deworming, need to give it timely vaccination, in order to protect Chihuahua health.


Keep the newborn Chihuahua warm:

Finally, the owner must pay attention to the Chihuahua’s warm work. Chihuahua more afraid of the cold, not suitable for outdoor feeding, so in the cold winter, parents should do a good job for Chihuahua cold and warm. Dog Owners prepare cotton pads for Chihuahuas to prevent them from catching a cold. While out for a walk, dress the Chihuahua to protect it from the cold and illness.

Chihuahuas are born with pain, but the neuromuscular reflexes associated with pain are not fully developed until the age of 7 days, so we must never leave chihuahuas alone on a thermal blanket because in the absence of Chihuahua mother care, the need to keep warm Chihuahua puppy also please choose a thermos bottle, blankets, towels, etc. as a better insulation tool, less scalding Chihuahua situation. It’s not that hard to raise a newborn Chihuahua, as long as the owners are doing the right thing and feeding it scientifically, then the Chihuahua will grow up just fine. The owners must do well the things that the owners should do well in the breeding process, and the owners must do well the things that they should pay attention to and observe, it’s good to know what’s going on with our Chihuahua puppies.