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How do we measure the intelligence of a samoyed?

The intelligence of Samoyeds is mainly measured by the wisdom of obedience and work. Samoans are smart, but how do experts come to this conclusion? The infamous list of the smartest dog breeds we have today is largely due to Stanley Cullen.


Cullen’s dog Intelligence Standard

Using cullen’s dog intelligence criteria, subject to judges’ assessment and ranking of dog breeds, they can get their hands. The criteria are as follows:
In order to learn an unknown command, this breed of dog needs to repeat the number of times. The fewer repetitions, the smarter the dog, says cullen. The success rate of the breed following a known command on the first attempt. Dogs with higher success rates are considered to be smarter and more obedient. Although cullen has received a lot of reviews, not all dog breeds fit his final list. In fact, only those with at least 100 responses were eliminated. Fortunately, Samoyeds are one of them. In addition, only dog breeds officially approved by the Kennel Club of the United States or Canada participated in the trial. Mixed breed dogs were also not tested.

Samoyed’s performance

The Samoyeds did quite well on cullen’s intelligence test! As mentioned earlier, they are the 44th of the 138 best-performing dogs. Therefore, they are classified as intelligent dogs. This means that Samoyeds only need to repeat 15 to 25 times to learn a new instruction. You may be able to teach a Samoyed a new order in a few hours! Besides, these dogs are the most obedient. Samoyeds are able to obey a known command in the first attempt with a 70% or better success rate!
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