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How do we get rid of the pomeranian’s tear mark?

Varieties such as Pomeranian tears mark are more common phenomenon because the eyes are more prominent, the lacrimal gland is shorter, the tears from the accumulation in the canthus row can not go out, over time will form tears, white hair marks are very prominent, not only affects the facial beauty but also reflects health problems, so pet parents should pay attention to this problem, can take the following measures to remove the Pomeranian tear mark.


Adjust Pomeranian’s Diet:

Pomeranian can not eat salty and oily food, such as the usual dog food contains more salt, and we do not give the dog to eat ham, do not let it eat human food, which is not good for Pomeranian body, so that the accumulation of many tears in Pomeranian, so we want to change to a low salt content of professional dog food, if the owner of the dog food, as far as possible boiled without spices, and to ensure that a certain amount of water. If Pomeranian has the habit of eating people’s food we should teach it not to overindulge.

Regular Eye Care:

Pomeranian eyes need long-term care if the pet parents in the ordinary will rarely help it wipe eye secretions, naturally will accumulate a lot of tears, secretions leftover time will also cause eye inflammation, stimulate more tears, tears can become more severe, so regular eye care is necessary.

We can use smaller scissors to remove tear-stained hair, taking care not to hurt the dog’s eyes, then we use a wet towel or absorbent paper towel to wipe away tears from the corners of the eyes and gently lift the eyelids with one hand, put Eye drops into Pomeranian’s eyes with one hand. Make sure we don’t put them in the middle of the eye, just a little bit away from where the whites of the eyes meet the lids.

Hospital Treatment:

If Pomeranian’s tear track is still not improved by the above methods, it is very likely that the lacrimal duct has been blocked, the owner had better take Bomei to the pet hospital. And the Pomeranian may need to do Nasolacrimal duct irrigation and clear out the blocked material.