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How do we feed Alaskan malamutes?

Alaskan Malamute has a unique gastrointestinal function and a high requirement for protein and fat, so it is recommended to feed puppy food until the age of 18 months before switching to adult dog food. Usually can be afraid of some fish or beef and mutton to properly supplement to promote development, calcium requirements are relatively high, calcium tablets or calcium powder several times a week for Alaska is very necessary. For Dog Food Brands, it’s best to look for high-quality dog food with high protein and fat content, depending on the dog, as Alaska’s gastrointestinal function is quite different, add some chicken, lamb, beef, pork, or sea fish to your dog food if you don’t have the resources.


Alaska 8-month feeding regime:

Eight-month-old dogs, the digestive system is not very perfect, so beef and mutton this kind of indigestible meat is not the first choice, and medium-sized dogs are easy Zhang Mites, cattle and mutton are very hair mites. So chicken and pork are recommended, but not chicken bones, of course. With vegetables and fruit will be fine. My relative’s Golden Retriever eats dog food, but it’s not just dog food, it’s also mixed with all kinds of nutrients, but dog food is not enough either. In general, you need to take calcium and all kinds of vitamins. Therefore, dogs who eat dog food must be mixed with nutrients, as for the specific nutrition is not poor money, to large dog food feed, a month to eat you at least 300 yuan, Allah around August the largest amount of food, may eat more than 600 yuan a month of dog food. Depends on what kind of dog food you’re buying. In addition, fruit, vegetables, cooked meat can also be fed as supplementary food, not too much, balanced nutrition. Feed the baby as much as you can.

Eight months of Allah’s resistance is strong enough to be a normal dog. Note that Alaska can not eat too much salt, so, salt dishes we can not give it to eat, such as Bacon, Ham, and so on. The amount of salt in a person’s diet is already too high for it. Of course, the size and color of the Alaskan dogs that are fed this way are generally not very good.


Dog food is the best choice:

We’d better feed the Alaskan dog food, and it’s better to eat natural dog food so that the dogs will be more beautiful and strong, especially in Alaska, where the stomach is not so good, and where Alaska’s native people eat fish all the year-round, therefore, it is best to eat natural dog food with fish added. Although the price is relatively high, the effect is that it is highly leveraged. If economic conditions permit, eat natural dog food with no fish added a little later, if it’s worse, then eat ordinary brand natural dog food. I don’t recommend eating economic food. If you have time, you can make your nutritional soup mixed with natural dog food, the recipe: pig bone a (cut), pigskin 2 two (to hair), carrots 2(wash cut), the appropriate amount of vegetables, 2 two catfish meat (to remove the big thorn can, catfish no small thorn) stew together do not put any spices, first large fire to boil the material, then turn down the heat for 30 minutes 10 minutes, finally remove the surface of the scum and excess fat fire juice for 3 minutes to cool can be mixed with natural dog food feeding. The formula with a variety of vitamins and calcium strengthens bone disease prevention, helps hair thick bright, finally, we still want more exercise, training. Do not hit it, as far as possible to communicate with the dog, this period is more critical, after all, there is still a distance from the adult dog, this time to increase the amount of exercise, the diet should be reasonable to keep up, appropriate calcium. In addition, we do not let the dog smell or eat other dog excrements, easy to spread diseases.