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How do we clean Alaskan Malamute’s ear

If we don’t have time to clean an Alaskan’s ear, we can send the dog to the pet store for cleaning. If A dog’s ear smells bad, it’s a sign of inflammation or ear mites. After washing, we can put some ear drops on the dog’s ear, which are sold in pet stores and markets. If we’re gonna be cleaning Alaskan Malamute’sears at home, we’re gonna need ear water, clamps, cotton. We can put a clamp on the cotton, wrap it around the head of the clamp, and be careful that we don’t expose the clamp to damage the dog’s ear canal. We can drop the ear water, into the dog ears scrub on the line, do not have to worry about hurting the eardrum. If you don’t have hemostatic forceps at home, wrap your index finger in cotton wool, apply ear drops, and stick it in Alaskan Malamute’s ear canal.


Here’s how to clean Alaskan Malamute’s ears:

1. We begin by plucking the ears, both the ear cauldron and the ear canal. All that you can see must be removed.

2. We use a special ear cleaner, fill the dog’s ear canal (fill it up), and pinch the cartilage into the base of the ear, gently 10-15 times (on both ears)

3. After doing the above, the dog will flick the ear wax out by itself

4. Repeat item 2(use saline or clean distilled water instead of ear cleaner)

5. We wait for the dog to shake the ear after the ear wax out of the ear canal with a clean cotton swab wipe you can wipe the place to complete the ear canal cleaning.


Clean Alaskan Malamute’s eyes and ears regularly:

We have to clean the eyes and ears of Alaskan dogs regularly. If a dog sheds tears, on the one hand, the food he eats is too salty and the salt excretes from the tear ducts. On the other hand, there may be bacteria in the dog’s eyes, the bacteria can also cause problems such as tearing and red eyes. We clean the dog’s ears regularly, and that doesn’t rule out ear MITES. A dog with ear mites will scratch its ears frequently, black and Brown earwax, ear mites growth cycle is 28 days, the treatment cycle is 4 to 8 weeks, we have to stick to the dog treatment. We’re going to dip a cotton swab in a little bit of ear oil, and we’re going to slowly go deep into the ears of Alaska to turn and clean the wax. We have to be careful not to be too rough and light so we don’t damage the eardrums in Alaska. Second, we use cotton swabs to moisten some Wanxiang ear drops to wipe and clean our ears in Alaska. It’s best to wash Alaska’s ears once a week to help prevent ear diseases such as ear Mites and Fungal infections.