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How Do We Choose Dog Food for Our Pets?

When our life seems a bit boring, many people will choose to get a dog, when with the dog, you can speak your heart out, say what you want, without scruple, they don’t tell anyone because they’ve heard our secrets. When we have dogs, we want our dogs to live longer, stay with us longer, we all know that the life of dogs is far higher than that of people, so how can we improve the lives of dogs? That is to give them a healthy choice of dog food, dog food in the market there are many brands, and their dogs suitable to eat what dog food, what dog food to eat after our dogs are healthier, not everyone knows this, but what I’d like to share with you today is how we choose dog food.


How do we choose the right dog food?

First, we can choose different dog food according to the age of the dog. When choosing dog food, we can according to their age to choose what age, suitable to eat dog food, which is very important, because each dog food its formula is different, also corresponds to different ages.
When our dogs are very young, we could choose to eat dog food that boosted their immunity, and that food had to be especially digestible. Most are 1 to 4 months of time, choose this kind of easier to digest dog food, this kind of person’s words is called the milk cake, when we are young, the dog is normal is more suitable to eat this kind of dog food. When our dogs grow up, one year later, we have to change the dog food, this time the normal choice, an adult dog food. This dog food will eat until our dog is about seven years old, this time we do not need to change to another dog’s food, when a dog eats the same dog food as a habit, the dog is not willing to eat other dog food.
The time to change the dog food again is after the age of seven, this time our dogs have normal aging, so need to add more nutrition, this time we have to buy old dog food. When to eat dog food, this is our dog friends have to understand, eat the wrong dog food, will let our dogs become very unhealthy.

Second, we have to choose different food according to the height of our dogs. We all know that there are many kinds of dog food. There are big dogs and small dogs. Normally, there are three kinds of dog food: small dog food, medium dog food, and large dog food. So we can choose different food according to our dog’s height. When the dog’s body, height, and weight are not the same, need to supplement things are not the same, according to their height and weight to choose different dog food, sometimes it is very necessary.

Third, make some adjustments based on your physical condition. We need to make some bad adjustments with dogs, for example, we are thinner and weaker dog food, may need to supplement rich nutrition, at this time we can choose higher nutrition dog food for them to eat, wait for some very fat dogs, they may need to reduce nutrition, we can choose some low-fat dog food to eat.

Fourth, according to our own economic situation, we decide to let our dog eat good dog food or ordinary dog food. It’s not easy to get a dog. Dogs don’t cost less than our kids to eat, so we can provide our dogs with better food if we have the money, but our financial situation is not good, well, in that case, we can offer a slightly inferior dog food. It’s all very understandable because we don’t put ourselves on a tight budget because of the dog, and it’s totally unnecessary. Most of my dogs are for companionship, and real companionship, people are better than dogs, so it’s important that we have the money, to be better to the people around us, to be better than dogs.


How do we tell if a food ration is the same as our dog?

First, we can watch our dog’s weight after eating this dog food. When we change dog food with our dog, we want to change dog food that is suitable for them. We can buy less of this dog food first, let our dog eat it first, and then observe our dog after eating it, we eat the same amount of dog food as we used to, and if our dog is light or heavy, that means there’s something wrong with it.
Under normal circumstances, a portion of good dog food will let our weak dog be a certain supplement, slowly become healthy, slowly become like a normal dog as full of energy. For overweight dogs, a good diet will reduce their body fat, standardize their body, and make them healthier, because a portion of good dog food is very, very nutritious, some of the worse dog food on the market, their nutrition is actually sometimes made unevenly, this will lead to sometimes we dogs have something will become very high, in the same way, things tend to get very low, which can cause a dog to sometimes get very thin, or very fat.

What kind of dog food is called good dog food?

First, we need to see what’s in this dog food. When you buy dog food, it has its own ingredients in the back. At this time, we can see if this dog food has been added with a little bit of growth hormone, preservatives, and the like, and if these things are added more, then this is definitely not a portion of good dog food.

Second, see if the nutritional composition of this dog food is balanced? In the back of the dog food, there should be written in this dog food nutrients, what nutrients number? And at this time we need to see is whether these nutrients can be said to be very balanced and not very good dog food, certainly is a very balanced supplementary nutrition.

Now, do you know how to choose dog food for our dog?