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How do we care for the Pomeranian’s eyes?


Pomeranian’s eyes are large, which often causes problems. For example, tears leave a lot of dirt on the hair around the corners of the eyes. If you don’t clean it up for a long time, bacteria can take advantage of it, pomeranian’s eyes proliferated, and this was accompanied by eye disease.

Daily cleaning of Pomeranian eyes is very important

Cleaning a Pomeranian’s eyes is as simple as preparing warm water, a towel, and a bottle of eye drops, then attaching the Pomeranian to your legs. Dip the towel in water and gently wash the dog’s eyes. Be sure to wash the hair around the corners of Pomeranian’s eyes as well. After wiping the eyes, the owner can take out the eye drops and drop a few drops on the eyes of the dog to protect the Pomeranian’s clear and healthy eyes.

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Removal of ocular dirt

Pomeranian inside the canthus often accumulate a small amount of eye dirt, in order to protect the dog’s eyes, should be promptly removed. Wet cotton balls dipped in 2% boric acid water should be used to remove eye stains. If we don’t have boric acid water, we can use sterile saline instead. The cleaning method is: first with a syringe without a needle or eye drops bottle will wash the liquid gently into the eye crack, and then, with sterile dry gauze in a timely manner drain boric acid water.

Eyelash trimming around the eyes

Appropriate: The eye of the pet dog has eyelashes, especially long-haired pet dog head is a piece of hair to protect the eyes. Eyelashes are beautiful, but if there are inverted eyelashes, the eyes will not stop tears. Therefore, in daily feeding management should pay attention to the eyelash pruning. Usually, once the eyelash is found to be too long or an inverted eyelash phenomenon occurs, it must be immediately trimmed.

Cleaning of lacrimal stain

Tear stain is due to a large number of tears and eye excrement did not get timely cleaning so that the lower part of the eye hair red formation. Once a tear stain is formed, it is difficult to remove it. Therefore, must promptly clean the eye department dirt, prevents forms the tear spots. If a tear stain has formed, we can drip diluted boric acid or saline solution into the corner of the eye; then, we wipe the tear stain with cotton, and the continuous cleaning will gradually make the tear stain lighter.

Points to note

1. When removing eye stains, do not use a dry towel, and do not wash the Pomeranian’s eyes with dirty water.

2. We Trim Pomeranian eyelashes around the eyes don’t cut them all off just for the sake of the image.

Some eye diseases in Pomeranians are congenital, so the defense against Pomeranian’s eye disease starts with the fetus. In the pregnancy period of Pomeranian, we should strengthen the management of Diet and pay attention to the nutrition of food. Clean the environment regularly to protect the bitch from parasites or infectious diseases. After birth in Pomeranian, we should also clean their eyes regularly and keep the environment clean. At the same time, we can feed some of the nutrients to protect the eyes, enhance the Pomeranian eye disease resistance.

Warm tip: People say that the eyes are the window to the soul, in order to protect the bright eyes also need to regular owners for Pomeranian to the regular hospital for a medical check-up, the vet will examine the dog’s eyes, if you find a problem, you will tell your parents first, which will avoid serious eye disease.