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How do we care for the eyes of the Maltese?

We can’t neglect the eyes of the Maltese. If you are careless for a moment, you may feel regret all your life. Compared with its other instincts, such as smell and hearing, vision is much worse, but its eyes can distinguish the change of traffic lights. Moreover, for some Maltese, big eyes bring the finishing touch to its overall beauty, so it is particularly important to do a good job of eye care. So how do we care for the eyes of the Maltese? Let’s have a look together.


1. Check the eyes of the Maltese regularly

For the examination of the eyes of Maltese dogs, we should definitely go to the veterinarian for examination, to see whether there are eye worms in the eyes, whether the nerves and structures around the eyes have any influence, and whether there is the possibility of disease.

2. Clean the dog’s eyes regularly

We don’t want to take the Maltese to play in dusty places, so we don’t care for our eyes. I believe that as long as you love your Maltese dog, you will stay away from that place to prevent dust particles from invading the eyes. After going out for a walk, you can brush the whole body and dip a small amount of warm light saltwater with a cotton ball (it is better to use special eye washing liquid and tear liquid) to gently wipe or directly drop 1 eye When washing eyes, remove 20-10 million eye drops of soap and water; if not, wash eyes with soap. The large and protruding eyes of the Maltese dogs should be checked regularly, usually twice a day, to check whether there are hairs and other filaments attached to the conjunctival sac and corneal surface. Once found, they should be taken out in time or washed with water.


3. Prevent eye injury

Sunlight has a strong stimulus to the eyes of Maltese dogs, which can cause great damage to the eyes. Normally, we don’t let the Maltese’s eyes look at the sun. Usually, we should keep or trim the hair around the dog’s eyes, not too short. Dogs and cats can’t be raised in the same room because cats and dogs are enemies. When the two play and fight, the eye of the Maltese is often the place where the cat attacks. In addition, owners often cut and grind the toenails of the dogs to prevent them from injuring their eyeballs.